The Sunday Intertitle: When Delluc Met Dulac

“Life is producing cinema all the time. The cinema needs to start producing life.” ~ Louis Delluc.

DE L’IMPRESSIONISME AU CINEMA PUR is a nice little documentary about Delluc, Dulac, Epstein, L’Herbier, and all that groovy crowd. Sadly, my man Kirsanoff doesn’t get a look-in due probably to the fact that the structuring device of the documentary is the connections between the different film-makers, their meetings and cross-pollination, a sort of Avant-Garde Family Tree. And Kirsanoff didn’t really mingle. Though his wife, being an actress, did form connections with other directors, as we shall see in Thursday’s edition of The Forgotten.

Incidentally, many accounts of Germaine Dulac’s career have her ceasing her filmmaking activities at the end of the twenties, when Louis Dulac died. But the IMDb intrigues with one more short, JE N’AI PLUS RIEN, from 1934, and it’s a Pathe-Natan production, interestingly enough. Natan was investing in shorts, and he also seems to have had a memory — unusually for a movie exec, he could recall filmmakers who were no longer active and “hot,” and would sometimes employ them.

So I would *love* to see  JE N’AI PLUS RIEN if anyone has it.


“The total film which we all dream of making is a visual symphony made of images given rhythm to, and which are ordained and cast onto the screen by the artist’s single emotion.” ~ Germaine Dulac

Intertitle from LA FEMME DE NUL PART by Louis Delluc.

Avant Garde – Experimental Cinema of the 1920s & 1930s


6 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: When Delluc Met Dulac”

  1. just to shoot in and say if anyone is in London in the next year… there is an installation at the Whitechapel Gallery showing avant garde abstract films in rotation

  2. Sounds good. It would be nice if they actually listed what they were showing, though.

  3. yes it would plus I wondered if they would show Margaret Tait’s film poems … but worth wandering in as free if you are in area (cafe is an arm and a leg though) the other bugger is having to stand to see the films being an ‘art’ piece its assumed you will wander though in about 30 seconds.

  4. Oh dear. There’s a big difference between avant garde cinema (the key word is cinema) and video art and installations. Galleries don’t seem to respect film enough.

  5. they don’t and neither do artists… the word ‘artist film’ makes me WISH I had a gun to reach for

  6. I *am* quite impressed by Steve McQueen’s filmmaking, though I hated his Steamboat Bill Jnr inspired gallery piece. “Let’s reconstruct the falling house gag and show it from every angle!” Whereas Keaton had already beaten that idea by shooting it from the RIGHT angle.

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