Eli Wallach Assaulted by Cats

I was saddened to learn today that veteran actor Eli Wallach has been assaulted by some cats. Mr Wallach was shooting his new film for Walt Disney Productions, THE MOONSPINNERS, with Hayley Mills.

It’s not clear how the incident occurred. One preliminary report seems to suggest that some stagehands, employed by Walt Disney Productions, actually threw the cats at Mr Wallach. If this is true, I think it’s just terrible.

Mr Wallach was rushed to hospital, where his condition is described as “very angry.”

For Anne Billson, because she’s GREAT.


19 Responses to “Eli Wallach Assaulted by Cats”

  1. Oh joy! Two of my favourite things – Eli Wallach and cats (which, for the purposes of this sentence, I am counting as a collective object).

  2. The idea of cats as a collective object holds true right up until you actually put them in a room together…

  3. I hope Disney can say that no cats were harmed in the filming of that;)

  4. Yeah, I hope the cats belong to a better union than the lemmings filmed in White Wilderness — “Bob McKeown […] found that […] the lemmings did not voluntarily jump into the river but were pushed in by a rotating platform installed by the film crew.”

  5. “Eli Wallach Assaulted By Cats” — sounds a bit like a Marcel Duchamp painting, or a Bonzo Dog song.

    Here’s another example of Extreme Cats, from the pre-Union days. Seemingly a wretched film, from all that I gather, but at least it featured Eleanor Parker and Gay Hunnicutt …

  6. “Gayle Hunnicutt,” that is — an actress I always liked.

  7. GOOD GRIEF ! ALL this anti cat stuff… I’m shocked… it was my childhood DREAM to have a cat (gerbils frankly are a bit dull and eat your clothes) Are there any examples of films sympathetic to cats? Breakfast at Tiffany’s… small bit part for a cat in Charley Wilson’s War?

  8. Christopher Says:

    cathsss! CATHSSS!…..bad ol’ tuco!

  9. Pyewacket in BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE is sympathetic.

  10. 3 nice cats… v upteen evil…

  11. The cats in The Moonspinners are sympathetic, they protect Hayley and her boy-toy Peter McEnery from the depredations of Wallach.

    I wasn’t too worried for the well-being of the cats cast in Eye of the Cat, since none of the violence seemed remotely convincing. Furious montages try to make a feeding frenzy out of a lot of very blase cats wandering around wondering when it’s going to be nap time.

  12. kevin mummery Says:

    This is all that The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly lacked…a scene where cats attacked one of the principals. In fact, there may be one of those famous “missing scenes” we always hear so much about, that has been intentionally suppressed because it casts one of the stars in an unfavorable light, still waiting to find it’s way onto a Super Special Edition DVD of Bluray. Come to think of it, I don’t recall ever seeing Clint Eastwood in anything featuring cats…

  13. He’s allergic to horses, lord knows what cats would do to him.

  14. Cats can be dangerous, I’ve always thought so, and not just to my sinuses! Peter Cushing seems to think so, too. I saw The Uncanny in college and laughed myself silly!

  15. Oh, that’s a ludicrous one. The ultimate cat conspiracy thriller.

  16. Christopher Says:

    wake up and smell the Tuna!

  17. Wallach discovers the dangers of traveling the Greek Isles with pockets full of catnip.

  18. david wingrove Says:

    I’ve always longed to see EYE OF THE CAT, as there are few sights I enjoy more than witless human beings being terrorised by clever kitties. But seeing a cat thrown into an electrical appliance is something of a turn-off!

    The ultimate cat movie has to be Juraj Herz’s 1972 Czech fantasy film MORGIANA, where the rivalry between twin sisters is shown through the eyes of their Siamese cat.

    Another great one is PERSECUTION (aka TERROR OF SHEBA) starring Lana Turner, Ralph Bates and a formidable white Persian.

    Not to mention all those Bond movies, where the villain’s evident fondness for cats is convincing proof of his right (nay, his duty) to conquer the world!

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