Like a muppet Abe Lincoln

Perennial Preston Sturges stooge Julius Tannen, celebrated in a short piece over at The Chiseler, based — closely! — on a conversation with regular Shadowplayer Randy Cook.

Another Vincent Price limerick, co-authored with Hilary Barta.

8 Responses to “Like a muppet Abe Lincoln”

  1. Randy Cook Says:

    Despite the credit as “O’Brien”, Tannen’s character responds to Sir Alfred’s query “You are Mr. Sweeny, I presume” with “Me? Why not O’Brien?” in acknowledgement of the fact that he doesn’t exactly look Irish.

  2. I’m pretty sure his name is Tannenbaum in the film. You can see the name on the tailor shop door as Harrison passes it.

  3. Then why Rafferty??? Unless it’s Ra Fer Ti and he’s really Egyptian.

  4. I am so glad people are commenting! After the silence attending the last post and, until this evening, the current one, I thought there was something about odd-looking old men that scared people off. Whereas Martine Carol in strategically deployed black lace seemed to turn us into positive chatterboxes.

  5. Why Rafferty? There’s probably SOME reason. Sturges seemed to enjoy making private little jokes when naming his characters. PALM BEACH STORY alone has Tom & Gerry, the Wienie KING is named ARTHUR, and two Ale and Quail Clubmen are named Hotchkiss and Hitchcock (surnames which figure in a celebrated and mildly smutty joke).

    “Rafferty”, the internet tells me, is a Gaelic name meaning “prosperity wielder” and that’s kind of what he does in MIRACLE. Kind of. Probably Sturges had a reason for naming this character Rafferty, but damned if I can guess what the reason was.

  6. Heh.

    Now, if the picture was set in South America, like the start of The Great McGinty… according to Peter Lorre in Beat the Devil, South America is full of Germans with Irish names…

  7. Randy Cook Says:

    Or, according to the upcoming IRON SKY, there are a lot of Germans with Irish names on the Moon…

  8. I wonder what that’ll be like? A relief to find a high concept movie with an actual high concept, that’s for sure.

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