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A Valentine’s Day Miscellany for you —

Over at Limerwrecks, THEATRE OF BLOOD proves to be the gift that keeps on giving — here’s my latest, co-authored with host Surly Hack. At the same site, you can read more rhymes about Robert Morley being force-fed his poodles than you would think possible.

My great good friend B. Kite delves into MULHOLLAND DRIVE in his first piece for Sight and Sound. I was kind of around for the birth of this article, though my duties stopped far short of actual midwifery, were more along the lines of muttering wan encouragement from a safe distance, like a rubbish dad. The resulting piece bears no disfiguring forceps marks and is in fact vigorous, alert and a healthy size. It also offers an alternative way of looking at a Lynch film that’s almost become a closed, fully-resolved narrative (all those clues!) — this piece reclaims the mystery, or at least opens a side-door into it.

In case you’ve been trapped under something heavy for the past month or so, you ought to know about the upcoming For the Love of Film blogathon, hosted here and here. I plan on writing something on that renowned English filmmaker, that master of suspense… Graham Cutts.

10 Responses to “Spread the Love”

  1. Great choice for Miss Valentine! There’s definitely a piece to be written on Nana through the cinematic ages…

    Christian-Jacque’s version, with its monomaniacal (duomaniacal?) focus on Martine Carol’s poitrine, is doubtless what the backers of Lola Montès THOUGHT they would be getting.

  2. Have you seen her Lucrece Borgia? It’s full-on!

    CJ really GOT his wife’s appeal, whereas Ophuls was doing something quite different with her… it’s exciting that people still debate whether he succeeded, and whether her stiff acting is as deliberate as her stiff dancing…

    I have quite a bunch of unwatched Nanas to get through…

  3. I’ve seen Lucretia Borgia and Martine definitely had a balcony you could do Shakespeare from.

    Period settigns and “Historical” subject always made it easier for filmmakers to bring front and center , in Neely O’Hara’s immortal words “Boobies! Boobies! Booobies!”

  4. Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  5. What Martine lacks in bulk, she make up for in UPTHRUST. It’s just good acting.

  6. humm my lack of cards is probably linked to not having an outfit as illustrated above in my wardrobe…

  7. David, maybe more rhymes about those poodle than you thought you could stomach. There’s no let up next week, when I take on Vince as hairdresser “Butch”. Good taste never had it so bad.

  8. Fiona expressed surprise at the fact that Madonna has never replicated the above look. But despite taking Dita Parlo’s name in vain, she hasn’t, I don’t think, the background in European film necessary.

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