The Seven Rages of Man

A Limerepic for you today, courtesy of Limerwrecks, where, with an assist from Sir Surly Hack, I offer for your delectation and moral dereliction, a seven-stage poem on the assorted assassinations of THEATRE OF BLOOD.

Well, someone had to do it!


(And you can watch the whole movie on YouTube)

Hooray for the horror perennial!

As we celebrate this Vincentennial!

Ten decades of Price

A Ham Paradise

As surreal as an etching by Tenniel.

5 Responses to “The Seven Rages of Man”

  1. Love Uncle Vinnie’s Sugar-Cured Ham!

  2. Christopher Says:

    I had the theme from LAURA playing in my head the whole time..

  3. Vincent had the rare gift of being able to be hammy and preposterous without even doing much. Of course, he frequently chose to overact like crazy anyway…

  4. Your writing is brilliant – I am impressed. I am enjoying your titles too …

  5. Thanks! I usually can’t start writing until I have a title, although I just spent most of a year at work on a script which remained untitled until the end.

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