Hobbs’ End

A new piece over at The Chiseler today — uncharacteristically stepping outside of the 30s and 40s, this one holds a guttering candle to the cinematic work of outsider artist Fredric Hobbs, sculptor and, briefly, filmmaker, creator of one of only two movies I know of (the other being THE REVENGE OF BILLY THE KID) to explore the potential genetic horrors of human-ovine intermarriage.

But hey, there’s SO much more to him than that.

As the Welsh joke concludes, “I built seven bridges around here, but do they call me Evans the bridge-builder? That they do not. I built four roads, but do they call me Evans the road-builder? That they do not. I dug twenty ditches, but do they call me Evans the ditch-digger? That they do not. I fuck ONE sheep…”

Image via No Room In Hell.

6 Responses to “Hobbs’ End”

  1. Hmm. Even after having read that, I still have no idea what to make of Hobbs. He sounds like the unholy progeny of Ed Wood and whoever it was that created DEATH BED THE BED THAT EATS (as its title insists it’s called). I’m curious about most new things but this is one I’m pretty determined to leave alone.

  2. Well, I wouldn’t want to put anyone off. It seems to me Hobbs has, very nearly, a private mythology of his own, almost like a schizophrenic, and the only thing that stops him making it fully compelling on screen is a slight lack of skills. Each of his films comes really close to being really interesting… but doesn’t quite make it.

  3. Danny Carr Says:

    I’m probably never going to watch GODMONSTER OF INDIAN FLATS, but the image above is already one of my all-time favourite film stills.

  4. Never mind THAT — I have obtained a fuzzy copy of Son of Dracula (Harry Nilsson version)… so far been too scared to watch it…

  5. Danny Carr Says:

    Ooh. It’s going to be un-watchable, isn’t it?

  6. I suspect it was never intended to be watchable — pretty sure it’s just a rock stars’ tax write-off. It seems to have broken director Freddie Francis — he gave up directing afterwards, since he’d always been a professional and now he found himself in a situation where professionalism was neither desired nor respected.

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