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I love to see their little faces light up…

Posted in FILM, Television with tags , , , , on January 2, 2012 by dcairns

Burning, severed gremlin head in the original GREMLINS.

It’s one of those movies we catch a minute of on TV and we end up watching the whole thing. There are a number of movies like that, and Joe Dante is responsible for a disproportionate number: GREMLINS II, INNERSPACE… if MATINEE, THE ‘BURBS and SMALL SOLDIERS turned up more regularly, they’d probably have a similar effect.

And each viewing turns up more details, like the wonderful puppetry of Gizmo falling asleep to INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS on late-nite TV: fear, sleepy fear, sleep… And a trip to the IMDb turns up more in-joke casting that eluded me, like the fact that the town minister is the guy from The Trouble with Tribbles. Demented gag where he casually encourages one of his parishioners to insert a hand into a mailbox he knows is gremlin-infested, just so he cans see what happens…

At any rate, I’ve contributed a short appreciation of Dante to La Furia Umana, the excellent bi-lingual online movie magazine, and you can read it here.