This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven

Cheetah, who was a chimp and not a monkey, rings out the old, rings in the new.

RIP Cheetah. Best wishes to all Shadowplayers in 2012!

8 Responses to “This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven”

  1. Rob da Bank, one of BBC Radio 1’s DJs did a wonderful silent movie style re-scoring of the 1930s King Kong a couple of Christmas’s ago, which worked brilliantly. Of course the film ended with that tune!

  2. Go “Google” the Cheetah story. The chimp that just died wasn’t the real Cheetah.

  3. …and he wasn’t the true author of his autobiography either, alas. What a world, what a world!

    Afraid I rather detested the King Kong rescoring. The fashion for treating talkies like silents (Steve Severin is touring with Vampyr, after doing Blood of a Poet) is a sign of an impoverished attitude towards silent cinema — there are plenty of great silents which need that attention, rather than messing about with sound films.

  4. It stems from a deliberate misreading of both silent cinema and early “talkies.” Not to mention the inane notion that sound cinema is all about dialogue.

    Specious crap like The Artist only makes this situation worse.

    Some of the most fun conversations i’ve had were with people who think that Playtime is a silent film. The looks on their faces when I tell them that Tati spent two years creatign the soudn track si always a thrill.

  5. There’s really no other punning headline that will do for this story yet you’re the only person I’ve seen use it (you’d think at least The Guardian would have people who have heard The Pixies). Immaculate music referencing once again, Mr Cairns.

  6. The fake Cheetah joins the fake Brenda Joyce in the afterlife (to be directed by the fake Kubrick), on a cloud watching the real Tarzan family (Weissmuller and his various Janes and Boys and Cheetahs) from a safe, divinely-mandated distance.

  7. david wingrove Says:

    One thing that alerted me to the possibly bogus nature of Me, Cheetah! was his account of womanising with…wait for it…Ramon Novarro!

    Must say I found that hard to believe. And I’m considerably younger than the chimp, whatever age s/he was.

  8. Yeah, that was a surprising lapse… there are a few like that, I think, as if Cheetah’s ghost-writer was occasionally plucking names from a hat.

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