Rated X-mas

If you’re like Shadowplay, you’ve probably got all your Christmas cards and shopping worked out, oh, months in advance. But in case you haven’t, here are some card designs for the cinephiles in your life. Simply cut the images from your monitor using a pair of round-ended scissors. Get an adult to help you if you’re uncertain.

Last year’s designs can be seen here and here.

Gift suggestions —

Touch of Evil Blu-ray

The Devils (pre-order)

Harakiri (dual format)

The Bed Sitting Room (dual format)


9 Responses to “Rated X-mas”

  1. Kelly N. Wiggin Says:

    Please do these every year, forever.

  2. This could not be more brilliant if it tried. Merry Christmas!

  3. if I could get paper copies of Eisenstein I’d send them ! my own cards are delayed at printers

  4. You could try pressing a sheet of paper against your monitor VERY HARD until the ink bleeds through the screen.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. You give out with Gus van Santa and give me grief over my puns? I’m at least following a grand American tradition of pursuing painful puns (ex: in 1933, MGM punningly titled one short Call Her Sausage. I was hoping for a short comedy set in a hospital titled Gland Hotel, but no luck).

  6. Painful puns have a lineage here, too. Before Monty Python, John Cleese was part of a radio show called I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again where they would come up with lines like “The Mills Are A Hive for the Hounds of Munich” (with long, elaborate set-ups to lead to these groan-worthy lines).

  7. David, I’ve been saving up “Rated X-mas” as a title since last Christmas–thanks a lot. Though it’s so good I’m sure it originated ages ago. No doubt for a holiday themed porno.

  8. Along with “I Saw Mommy F***ing Santa Claus” and “Jingle B*lls”, I suppose.

    Hey, there’s no reason the title can’t be on both sites — you thought of it first!

  9. Oh, I’m still using it. And I used “XXX-Mas” several years ago, no doubt also unoriginal. I stop at “Santa and his Three Hos.”

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