Heat-Seeking Miscelanea

Limerwrecks! After a month of film-noir, we return to the Vincentennial, celebrating 100 years of Uncle Vinnie Price and his lovable shenanigans. I’ve contributed a few rhymes of the subject of MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH.





That last one is by Horror Host Hilary, AKA The Surly Hack — scroll around and see more of his work at Limerwrecks.

The Chiseler! A profile, or character assassination, of Al Bridge, not so much rumpled as scrunched up and thrown away, but one of my favourites in the Preston Sturges repertory company of grizzled professionals.

4 Responses to “Heat-Seeking Miscelanea”

  1. Bridge was certainly working regularly even in precode days (being easily seen in Million Dollar Legs) but he’s one of the Sturges stock company who I find least findable before being cast by P.S. I guess the only other stock company member who was a regularly working character actor and was less noticeable before Sturges directing career would be Julius Tannen. Bridge was cast in numerous early Westerns, an area I have avoided. I may bear looking at a few to see how he was used back then.

    I notice something interesting about Sturges’ stock company – many appeared in something Sturges wrote before he became a director (w/exceptions like Jimmy Conlin and Dewey Robinson). I guess he saw something he liked in those character actors before he came to directing. Bridge was in Diamond Jim, so that was his early Sturges connection.

  2. Yeah, Pangborn is prominently featured in Easy Living and Snowflake in Remember the Night. Sturges clearly felt great loyalty and gratitude to these guys.

  3. Love that title pun, David. And thanks again for helping to keep the Vincenntial alive and screaming.

  4. No problem! I wouldn’t miss it for the (master of the) world.

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