At this late hour

You might like a banner, if you’re considering joining us for The Late Show — The Late Films Blogathon, which starts Thursday (jeepers, I better watch some films and write some stuff, huh?).

The image is from Henri-Georges Clouzot’s last theatrical feature, the delirious LA PRISONNIERE, which I wrote about here.


6 Responses to “At this late hour”

  1. I’m steeling myself to write about The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. Won’t be much happiness in it, I fear …
    Meantime, can you point me at your 39 Steps Hitchcock Year post please? You are rather prolific and I got lost looking for it!

  2. Here you go — there’s a search function on the right of the home page but it still took me a minute to locate it, under “Donat”.
    I don’t know if I say enough about your man here. The post is bracketed by two others on different aspects of the film.

  3. Thanks, I think it’ll do nicely. There’s an endless amount of interest in this film, it seems, so we can take any amount of posts about all of its different aspects (though possibly not about the role of Hitch’s member!).

  4. Right, all posted here: Someone’s already being picky about how ‘Buchan’ is pronounced …
    Thanks very much. If you fancy writing any more about Mr Donat, do let me know.

  5. An American friend pronounced it Bew-kin, which seemed quite wrong, so I wanted to provide a better alternative. Hmm, “a soft CH”? I can imagine that sort of Arabic sound as in “loch” would be appropriate, but you’ll never get the English and Americans to say that, so K seemed simpler.

  6. Oh I quite agree … clearly, we are not ‘Scottish enough’ for some people … I never did like porridge.

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