Rambeau: First Blood

Marjory Rambeau emotes in HER MAN, a sizzling pre-code under consideration today over at The Daily Notebook in this week’s The Forgotten. This is part of a new series — Forgotten Pre-codes, which shall run for… shall we say six weeks?

So you may not only ask about HER MAN (here or over at Mubi), but suggest interesting movies for me to look at in the coming weeks.

7 Responses to “Rambeau: First Blood”

  1. Flossie!!!

    Well, this is a smashing start to a sordid, snappy holiday season AS WE LIKE IT.

    Thank youse.

  2. How about THE GIRL IN 419 (1933)? It’s sort of Paramount’s version of NIGHT NURSE, with Gloria Stuart as the heroine and David Manners getting revenge on a gangster in a rather undrippy fashion.

  3. Wow — that sounds enticing. I’ll investigate.

  4. Damn, my usual sources can’t supply that one. If anybody can help…?

  5. david wingrove Says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by Helen Twelvetrees, if only because of her name. I mean, how many trees does one girl need? Mind you, I’ve never seen any of her films.

  6. Her son is the C.E.O. of Twelvetrees Press — a publishing house specializing in photography.

    Helen Twelvetrees and Ricardo Cortez were Bullwinkle Moose’s favorite movie stars.

  7. In The House in Nightmare Park, Frankie Howerd plays strolling tragedian Foster Twelvetrees. So it’s a name with enduring allure.

    I’m sure Jay Ward just liked the names, but he may also have been a big Her Man fan.

    The IMDb had Bullwinkle creator Jay Ward down as a child actor IN pre-codes, but they’ve now decided that’s a different JW.

    The HT film I wish I could see is lost film The Cat Creeps. You can find the surviving footage elsewhere on Shadowplay.

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