All Hallows Eve

I’ll be spending most of the 31st airborne, watching out for broomsticks. Here are some images with a spooky seasonal flavour, except that none of them were intended that way. But that’s OK, they’re culled from Gustav Deutsch’s FILM IST: A GIRL AND A GUN, a movie entirely composed of repurposed footage culled from archives around the world — scientific films, pornography, and drama (including Gustav Machaty’s EROTIKON, the only movie I recognized at once). Can YOU tell the porn stars from the hysterics?


5 Responses to “All Hallows Eve”

  1. I’ll be having a porn-free Halloween (unless you count men in kilts as porn) and will be watching ‘The Ghost Goes West’. I’ve recently started a blog about Robert Donat, if anyone is interested. We’ve already had a lovely email from a member of the Donat family about it, as well as offers of co-operation from the curators of his archive at Manchester Univ. It’s at
    Thanks so much for all your posts. I don’t often comment but I do read and learn.

  2. Hilary Barta Says:

    Two local channels are running Halloween programming. One has a a horror film marathon (I just watched Island of Lost Souls) and the other is running Alfred Hitchcock episodes day. So I know what I’ll be doing until the trick-or-treaters arrirve.

  3. Sounds like a good night in!

    Was in the air all through Halloween night. Kept my eyes peeled for broomsticks, but not a one. I do think the airline should have attached a prosthetic gremlin to the wing of the plane just for laughs.

  4. The Ghost Goes West is not wholly innocent: the lassies sitting with Donat in his first scene enjoy an extremity of decolletage that would surely have been frowned upon across the Atlantic.

  5. I was too busy looking at his tartan troos & thigh high boots to notice …! Rumbled …

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