High Noon at Marienbad

I’m not trying to be boastful or anything, but when I first got the idea for the above cut-and-paste composograph, I got very excited. And then for a while it was apain in the neck, because I don’t have Photoshop and other equivalent tools just don’t compare. But then, when the end was in sight, I got this incredible SUGAR RUSH. So I think it’s good.

If I come up with enough of these, maybe I can publish a set of copyright-violating postcards.

13 Responses to “High Noon at Marienbad”

  1. LOL! I really liked the concept here. Good mash up.

  2. I trust you’re aware of Hitchcock’s cameo in Marienbad . That would make a great postcard too.

  3. Danny Carr Says:

    I’m going to join in!

    In the same spirit (but not quite as clever or arresting)…

  4. Nice one Danny! Persona Time in the West!

    Yes, I was always baffled by the Hitch appearance in my youth. I knew the rest of the film was meant to be enigmatic, but that bit threw me for a loop.

  5. That scene just speaks North by Northwest to me (the cropduster and Cary Grant)

  6. The image is perfect, but you had me at the title.

    Sergio PERSONE?

    I can no longer remember the justification for the Hitch appearance in Marienbad.

    MELO and the Paycock?
    Stage Fright and Fog?
    La vie est un roman who knew too much?
    I got nothing.

  7. david wingrove Says:

    This looks like a Western that even I might enjoy!!

    Mind you the concept of the ‘Eurotrash Western’ has already been pioneered by movies like SHALAKO and IF YOU LIVE, SHOOT! But this takes it to an all-new level.

  8. Jim Gerow Says:

    Muriel Marnie May Marlene?
    La Guerre est Frenzy?

  9. The Trouble with Harry Shima Mon Amour?
    The Lodger: A Story of the London Night and Fog

  10. La Règle du shoeshine
    It Happened One Night at the Opera
    The Maltese Father of the Bride

  11. I Know What You Did Last Year at Marienbad

    Last House on the Left at Marienbad

    Last of the Mohicans at Marienbad

  12. The Marienbad Kind
    I quite like Last Detail at Marienbad and Last King of Marienbad

  13. Lost Weekend at Marienbad
    Lost Horizon at Marienbad

    Both of those are movies I can actually PICTURE!

    Fast Times at Marienbad… not so much.

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