A Face in the Crowd

RIP Diane Cilento.

A friend was re-reading her autobiography (excellent) and discovered the part where she says that in TOM JONES she had herself made up to be unrecognizable and infiltrated the crowd scene at the end. He wondered if he could spot her in the throng.


Pretty bold, putting her up front and centre like that, not just because people might recognize one of the stars of the film they’re currently watching, but because they might be startled out of the movie by the amount of slap she’s wearing. Or by her capacious decolletage.

TOM JONES, love it or not, is nothing if not bold.


9 Responses to “A Face in the Crowd”

  1. specterman Says:

    Unforgettable as the the pagan school teacher of course.

  2. As I don’t think that the death last month of Paulette Dubost at the age of 100 got a mention on your blog, David, I’m mentioning it here.

  3. Diane is the only actor in The Wicker Man who can be bothered / is able to do a decent Scottish accent. Of course, her abusive ex-husband may have given her some pointers.

    I only just heard about Paulette Dubost’s passing at the weekend. Asides from her notable work with Renoir, she also provokes a rare smile from Buster Keaton at the end of Le Roi des Champs Elysees.

  4. david wingrove Says:

    Strangely enough, Diane Cilento in THE WICKER MAN bears an eerie resemblance to a late cousin of mine – who dated Sean Connery briefly back in the 60s!

  5. I guess maybe he had a definite “type” back then. Especially if the Petula Clark rumour is true.

    But now he’s gone Spanish so I guess his mind’s made up.

  6. I know a woman in Edinburgh whose mother was asked out by Sean C when he worked at Portobello baths and she turned him down on the grounds he was too hairy!

    But her father doesn’t like this being brought up 50 or so years later…

  7. Well, he IS very hairy.

    Didn’t know he worked at the baths, all I knew was the milkman and art school model bit.

  8. It was the open air pool i think but yes he seems to have had quite alot of different jobs as a young man. My mom in the 60’s at the Art College would with fellow stuents hunt around hoping to find drawings of Connery to flog (but i don’t think she was successful in this endevour)

  9. The one the college proudly displays sometimes is an early Bellany painting of Sir Sean in posing pouch.

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