Crime of an Anatomy

Last week I wrote a celebration of the physical grotesquerie of the great Clarence Wilson, now visible at The Chiseler. One of the less-famed of the pre-code rep company servicing Hollywood in the early 30s, Wilson deserves to be sung of more often, and louder.

A furtive spell-check amended the piece, making it a hair less Rabelaisian than intended: I had compared everybody’s favourite fat man, Eugene Pallette, not to an inflamed bullock, but to an inflamed bollock. But it’s equally true either way.

During the course of the article, I compare Wilson himself to a zombie, a horse, and a crustacean, although the closest equivalent in nature might be some kind of beetle or roach. The movie THE PENGUIN POOL MURDER, however, an entertaining romp with Edna May Oliver as a crime-solving schoolteacher, comes up with its own comparison — some kind of horrible fish.

Seconds earlier, though some minutes before Ms Oliver’s appearance, the film also seems to offer a pretty good piscine analog for her long-faced fizzog —

And here’s an unrelated limerick, co-written with Hilary Barta.


5 Responses to “Crime of an Anatomy”

  1. I love Clarence Wilson. So sniveling, such a cog in every possible machine, and you can’t make up a face like that.

    What a great addition to any movie’s thespian flavors!

  2. Christopher Says:

    Wilson was memorable in some of the Hal Roach comedies …In so many great films overall.

  3. He da man… or the remains of one.

  4. Grand. A great talent has left the building.

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