I Feel Good!

This just in — the new Artistic Director of Edinburgh International Film Festival has been named as Chris Fujiwara. This strikes me as EXCELLENT news. An excellent critic and author of works on Jerry Lewis (pictured), Jacques Tourneur and Otto Preminger. That’s the retrospectives back on the table then.

This welcome bombshell is accompanied by the news that Gavin Miller is stepping down as CEO of the Centre for the Moving Image, the Festival’s governing body.

I’m going to pour myself a beaker of blue stuff and celebrate.

15 Responses to “I Feel Good!”

  1. I hope this means a brighter future for the festival (and a return to August!)

  2. Looks like you’ll never get that interview now!

  3. GM just emailed me last week to say he hadn’t forgotten. Maybe he’d like to spill a few beans now the pressure’s off. I’ll ask him, anyhow.

    Fujiwara’s appointment suggests a brighter future — I can see pros and cons for June versus August, so that doesn’t bother me so much.

  4. Great news. Chris is DA MAN!

  5. There was another announcement from the CMI Board (reported in the Scotsman) suggesting the festival would stay in June for now.

    Exciting news about Chris though!

  6. hummm interesting…

  7. I’m all excited!

  8. Great news! Thanks once again for your fantastic interviews, which have helped me and I’m sure many others put this announcement in a fascinating historical context. I’m sure folks may have already made the connection, but I thought it was quite fitting (given the discussion of Sam Fuller on your Lynda Myles blog) that Fujiwara’s own blog is named for a line in Shock Corridor – http://www.insanemute.com/

  9. And also he’s written a book on Jacques Tourneur, with whom Linda corresponded!

  10. Honestly extremely heartening news. It’s obviously early days, but I’ll be interested to see what, and more importantly who, he’s got to work with over the coming months. With all the talk of Mullighan being a more effective producer than creative director, who’s playing that role for Fujiwara?

  11. This is Great news.

  12. I was wondering if Ginnie Atkinson might come back to produce: she did the job effectively for years before Gavin Miller sort of replaced her, and nobody’s really filled her shoes since.

  13. Definitely. Certainly she’d make a great interview, bet she’s got some stories to tell if she’s willing to tell them (hint, hint).

  14. She’s already shared some thoughts with me, but not for publication. Maybe her lips will be loosened now. She did say that she wanted to make her views known on the dates controversy.

  15. That would be interesting to hear, and if she was willing to tell it, also the circumstances of her departure. On the other hand, perhaps it’s in the nature of her job to keep schtum.

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