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From Bad to Norse

Posted in FILM with tags , , on September 10, 2011 by dcairns

They come out of the earth just like moles

But they tend to leave much bigger holes

Though rather small-brained

They must be contained

You don’t want a land full of trolls.

TROLL HUNTER — a mockumentary about mythical giants in Norway — is reviewed over at Electric Sheep Magazine. By me.

Saw this one at Edinburgh Film Festival, where it was one of the big crowd-pleasers — Cameo 1 was packed with big, hairy troll-like biker types, apparently thrilled to finally be represented onscreen. At last — a film for the hulking!

Meanwhile, at Limerwrecks, the Vincentennial continues with more rhymes on THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM. This one‘s mine, and this one‘s a collaboration with limerwrecker-in-chief Hilary Barta.