Here’s mud in your eye

I’ve said before that for me, Murnau’s films connect in weird cross-temporal ways, with the magic carpet ride of FAUST flying over the landscapes of both previous and later films…

Meanwhile, the blasted no-man’s land of Murnau’s SCHLOSS VOGELOED, an abstraction of mud and twigs, seems to have crept, blob-fashion, onto Henry Spencer’s bedside table in ERASERHEAD.

But for a really spooky connection, you’ll have to ooze yourselves over to the Daily Notebook to check out this week’s edition of The Forgotten.

This one’s available to buy in the UK: Schloss Vogelöd (aka The Haunted Castle) [Masters of Cinema] [DVD]

Thanks, by the way, for making Shadowplay Day a success — a nice fifty per cent spike in hits, really got my pulse rate going. As payback, I’ll make this a request spot — name a subject you’d like me to write about, and I’ll do it. Might be a whole post, might just be a line, might even be only a syllable, but I will fulfill your desires!

Oh, and here’s another HOUSE OF USHER rhyme.


9 Responses to “Here’s mud in your eye”

  1. Murnau is indeed marvelously obscure. Each film is like a seven-layer cake of cinematic je ne sais quoi.

  2. I’d love to see his mystic side explored seriously by somebody with the right specialist knowledge, he does seem to have been wrapped up in the occult.

  3. How’s this for a subject? Homeopathy in the cinema, or if you would prefer, homeopathic cinema. Whichever’s easier.

    I hipped a Facebook Buster Keaton page to your Character Studies post and it’s already attracted a wee bit of attention.

  4. Thanks!

    Hmm, homeopathy. I once wrote a bit for a TV science show sort-of debunking it, but the TV lawyer objected, using some very strange arguments (nothing to do with matters of law or science, just popularity). I eventually insisted on getting a copy of the unscreened sequence, but somehow this never happened, otherwise I’d post it.

    I checked on the IMDb and Maurice Pialat’s Van Gogh came up — can anyone confirm if there’s a decent amount of homeopathy in this (or even a small but potent homeopathic amount)? If so, I’d be interested to see it as I’ve been meaning to try Pialat ever since Masters of Cinema started putting out the DVDs.

  5. There’s all kinds of stuff in Pialat’s VAN GOGH, a true masterpiece. Pialat is definitely a terrific SHADOWPLAY subject. One of the greatest film-makers of post-war Europe.

  6. Thanks.

    Hope Fiona is feeling better.

  7. Yes, a bit brighter today! Going to attempt a trip to the library. PG Wodehouse has been helping her along.

    OK, targeting Pialat…

  8. Well, you have La Maison des bois, or will soon! It’s quite nice to be able to engage with the entire oeuvre of a filmmaker.

  9. Great! A Pialat festival awaits.

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