Shadowplay Day

Today we have a limerick, dealing with Roger Corman’s HOUSE OF USHER, over at Limerwrecks. Here.

Also, it’s international Shadowplay Day. This means that if you enjoy Shadowplay, you have to pick an article, an old favourite or else one you stumble upon by using the “Search” fucntion to your right, or clicking randomly on a date — then tweet it, Facebook it, “Like” it, “share” it by Reddit, Stumbleupon or Digg, link to it from your blog, phone a friend, or otherwise get the word out.

I’m just curious if a popularity spike can be created by the simple, barefaced means of asking for one. It’ll make me happy. (And you thought Shadowplay Day would mean something nice for you…)

If you don’t want to go browsing, here are some readymade links —





La Cava!


14 Responses to “Shadowplay Day”

  1. You’re incorrigible, really you are. I don’t suppose I can join in the festivities can I? What with me living with you and everything.

  2. Go for it!

    (Fiona has the flu, so it’s a bit miserable around here. So a stats spike would have therapeutic value…)

  3. i have tweeted and google+ed facebuik has gone on the blink… Hope you are feeling better Fiona.

  4. note according to mr tollcross on twitter today is the birth of EIFF orginally A Festival of Documentary

  5. Happy birthday, Edinburgh Film Fest! Many happy returns, etc. Apparently we can expect the announcement of a new Artistic Director pretty soon.

  6. My favourite of Corman’s films is TOMB OF LIGEIA. Really gothic there, especially that strange montage after the marriage where they walk the woods.

  7. Yes, after years in the studio, the Poe films break out on location and manage to seem even more hermetic and unreal than ever.

    But my own fave is still Masque of the Red Death.

  8. Mine too. I also like his last film (to date) Roger Corman’s Frankenstein Unbound. It would make a great double feature with Fuest’s The Final Programme (aka. The Last Days of Man on Earth)

  9. Thanks, Arthur! It’s like reading my own epitaph, but nicer.

    I wasn’t too taken with Frankenstein Unbound at the time, but the line “Pull all remaining levers!” has certainly stayed with me. I should give it another go.

  10. Christopher Says:

    on my FB page…the old Greyfriar’s Kirk-Body Snatcher comparison post from oct. 2008 for me..I think its the one that drew me over here..

  11. I’ve just sent a link to the piece you wrote on the Cameo screening last summer of Our Hospitality to my fellow members of The Frozen North along with some fulsome praise of Shadowplay. Hope it works!

  12. Thanks, all! And for all practical purposes, Shadowplay Day is whatever day you first read this post on — there’s no such thing as “missing” Shadowplay Day!

    Nice 30% spike in my “Nilsson ratings” yesterday, most satisfying. You will be rewarded, Shadowplayers, after my own strange fashion.

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