Talk Big

…and then I saw LA MATERNELLE, in which the subtitles were so huge they sometimes threatened to explode from the screen and crush the cat. And the subtitlers were forced to pile the lettering up in odd formations in order to fit it into the compositions without obscuring them completely.

More on this fine film later.

Clearly absurd.

This is going TOO far.

6 Responses to “Talk Big”

  1. David Boxwell Says:

    On the other hand, I remember white on white subtitles on 1960s-era prints of b & w films, so watching a “foreign” film was an exercise in guessing the missing words. Whole lines would get swallowed up by a vast whiteness…

  2. I can’t get enough of that LOL81/2. I am getting that T shirt!

  3. Have you seen the Argentinian film La Antena? It’s sort of a modern semi-silent, with subtitles frequently incorporated into the imagery in quite an imaginative way. Though of course, yet another set of subtitles have to be added for non-Spanish speaking audiences, so it’s kind of a subtitle overload…

  4. I just got my hands on La Antena at last. Hope to watch soon. Yes, the more elegant the titling, the more translation kind of screws it up. There might have been a case for spoken word translation of the titles…

  5. Lovely! It was nice to see Godard taking a typically atypical approach to subtitles.

    One of the best jokes in Austin Powers: Goldmember, was the white subtitles for the Japanese character, Mr Roboto, whose meaning is altered by the missing words caused by bits of white background. “Please eat some shitaki mushrooms,” becomes rather offensive.

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