Express Yourself

VON MORGENS BIS MITTERNACHT (1920) is a film so expressionistic that the Germans who made it declined to even release it. By the kind of cosmic irony familiar to film historians, the film has survived intact and been restored, while other movies which DID get released, such as Murnau’s DER JANUSKOPF, are lost in the mists of time.

Where are the expressionist snows of yesteryear?

Anyhow, you can see more shimmering examples of the movie’s dazzling, warped imagery over at The Daily Notebook today, in this week’s edition of The Forgotten.


2 Responses to “Express Yourself”

  1. david wingrove Says:

    I’ve never even heard of this film but am already obsessed. Where on earth did you stumble across it?!

  2. Oh I’ll tell you all about that next time we meet. I have a random stumbling technique that’s quite handy for discovering obscure films.

    Only afterwards did I find the film discussed by Kracauer in his seminal Caligari-Hitler book. Or was it Lotte Eisner? Or both? Anyway, there’s some more erudite writing than mine out there.

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