Chez les hommes

What’s this luxury dual-format BluRay/DVD of Jules Dassin’s seminal heist movie RIFIFI, from Arrow Video, doing lurking in the foul rag-and-bone shop of my flat? Well, it’s newly arrived, and contains a new essay by myself, and so I want you all to buy it. And if you buy it via the Amazon link below, money will literally cascade over my face and body.

Rififi [Dual Format Edition DVD + Blu-Ray]


2 Responses to “Chez les hommes”

  1. Where Dassin stops Melville commences.

  2. It is rather like a relay. Melville certainly took a lot from Huston and Kubrick, and he also has his own worldview for sure, but there’s gigantic overlap.

    My favourite Melville thriller may be Le Dieuxieme Souffle, for the warmth of the love affair, which brings something to it his other crime films don’t have.

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