Smash and Grab

“Wonderful package for fans of the film and Dassin – along with the Masters of Cinema Antonioni packages this is one of the best Blu-rays to come out of the UK so far this year. Absolutely recommended!” ~ DVD Beaver.

Jules Dassin’s RIFIFI comes out in BluRay and dual format editions from Arrow Films on May 9th, and with an original essay by me — which puts me in the company of Francois Truffaut, Alistair Phillips and John Trevelyan, whose writings on the film are extracted within the same booklet.

This one was a pleasure and a challenge to write about: I love Dassin, and had the opportunity to relate RIFIFI to his other work in a way that’s rarely done. Too often it’s taken for granted that his lesser-known films aren’t any good, and that consequently there’s nothing to be learned from comparing them with his hits, neither of which assumption is true. I wouldn’t make any great claims for CIRCLE OF TWO, but the rest are of value.

Pre-order here —

Rififi [Dual Format Edition DVD + Blu-Ray]

2 Responses to “Smash and Grab”

  1. Such a great film, congratulations on your most recent published piece. I’d be tickled if it were me.

  2. Am certainly tickled. Does this make me guilty by association?

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