Mike Nichols, talking to Steven Soderbergh on the commentary track of WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? on the subject of “opening out” plays ~

“I think about this all the time, because there’s nothing as depressing as in a bad play or production, when the last actor has come on, because there’s nothing left to hope for. You’ve now seen everybody they’ve got to offer you, and if somebody isn’t funny or sexy or something, and the play is bad, you’re TRAPPED. In a movie, as you say — suddenly there could be a belly-dancer, or you could be in Scotland… anything.”

7 Responses to “or…”

  1. Christopher Says:

    can’t argue with that…

  2. love it scotland = as ridiculous as being a belly dancer. Belly dancing is quite popular there though!

  3. “It is a ribbon of dream, it has no limitations,” as Welles put it.

    Nichols point is that the filmmaker HAS to use the mobility of film, which I’m not sure is true. But I love that he chose Scotland as an example of the medium’s flexibility.

  4. Here not There sorry proof reading not my forte

  5. Tilda’s just departed a post at Edinburgh Film Festival, leaving everybody rather confused as to what’s going on. The festival is without an artistic director, but she and Mark Cousins contributed 100 ideas for free, including getting Gus Van Sant, Isabella Rossellini and Jim Jarmusch as guest programmers. Don’t know what’s happening with all that now.

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