Yes! This blog is brought to you on 100% safe, non-flammable, approved Kodascope safety film. An enclosing booth is not required. No longer need you read film blogs encased in a soundproof, flameproof, radiation-proof enclosing booth. The makers of Shadowplay guarantee that their product will NOT, at an instant, burst into flames and leave you unconvincingly disfigured like that man in MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM or that other, similar man in HOUSE OF WAX.

We doubt the competition can make similar claims.

7 Responses to “Safe”

  1. It’s a shame I can’t send a strip of decomposing nitrate. The little nitrate I have is in perfect shape. I suppose it’d light and burn energetically, but that’s no fun. The thrill of danger isn’t there.

  2. You know, I’ve a mind to frame-grab some more images from Bill Morrison films (ie Decasia) — it’s so much fun! Melancholy abstracts painted on top of Old Masters.

  3. Christopher Says:

    say boys..this pictures hot!

  4. kevin mummery Says:

    This must be what is meant when a picture is said to burn up the screen. Or maybe they say that about actors, I’m kind of out of the loop anymore.

  5. It’s the secret of Valentino’s success — he was actually 75% nitrate. He had to be buried in a flame-retardant coffin.

  6. Is that FLIC STORY or THE CONFORMIST in your banner this week?

  7. The latter! I have a very small post on it ready to appear sometime this month.

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