Andre the Giant

In honour of the mighty André De Toth, ebullient madman of the movies (who once tried to persuade his leading man to lie down under a real guillotine and roll out the way as the blade was released), over at the Daily Notebook, we present this week’s edition of The Forgotten, in which De Toth says goodbye to the movies, the only way he knows how — with a hail of machine-gun fire.

Buy it — Play Dirty

Also, herr future film director, if you can track down second-hand copies of interview book De Toth on De Toth, and the auteur’s autobiography, Fragments: Portraits from the Inside, I highly recommend both.


14 Responses to “Andre the Giant”

  1. David Boxwell Says:

    Five great AdT flix: CRIME WAVE (54); PITFALL (48); DAY OF THE OUTLAW (59); RAMROD (47); DARK WATERS (44).

    MONKEY ON MY BACK (57) anticipates RAGING BULL, in many ways. And Copenhagen (!) is noirville in HIDDEN FEAR (57).

  2. David Boxwell Says:

    The Eyepatch Gang: Andre; Jack; Raoul; Nick; Fritz; and Hank. The rode into town, drank it dry, wooed all the purty gals, and were legendary.

    (De Toth; Ford; Walsh; Ray; Lang; Hathaway).

  3. How very unlike the life of our own dear Ken

    Does this mean the CIA have water-boarded three times as many people as Ken Loach?

  4. Not at all surprised that Ken Loach has people waterboarded. Hateful hateful man.

  5. David E, I’ve always been suspicious of Loach’s treatment of actors. The endless drive for “realism” only seems to kick in when it’s a case of making them suffer. I have a Carol White story I’ve been meaning to tell…

    Simon K, I suspect Loach still has a few hundred or thousand to go to catch up with American secret service agencies and their contractees…

    David B, as to De Toth, I’ve still to see Ramrod, Monkey on my Back and Hidden Fear, so I have lots to look forward to.

  6. Christopher Says:

    I can believe him when he answers..”nobody!”to questions,who are your favorite actors?..directors?.Hack directing has got to be very draining..
    LOL….Just roll out from under that Guillotine can do it…..right!

  7. His answers at the Edinburgh Q&A were always very EMPHATIC. He asked if there were film professionals in the audience and picked on one guy who was a film bureaucrat. “A film bureaucrat? Vhat is DAT? You don’t make films to have a living, you do it because you haff PASSION!”

  8. Someone really called themselves a film bureaucrat? Why didn’t they just paint a target on and yell “shoot!”.

  9. I think I know the guy, too. Either blithely oblivious to the effect his words were likely to have, or else thinking, “The guy’s ninety, what’s the worst he can do? This could be entertaining.”

  10. kevin mummery Says:

    Always found it interesting that de Toth directed “House Of Wax” in spite of having somewhat limited depth perception (like, none) due to having lost an eye. From the few I’ve seen in the last few years, apparently studios are hiring blind directors for this most recent crop of 3D movies, or at least that was the impression I got.

  11. Very frustrated that Herzog’s latest is showing only in 2D in Edinburgh, due to our arthouses not having 3D facilities.

    I thought Avatar, The Hole and Coraline used the process with some skill and wit. Up and Toy Story 3 used it so discretely I forgot it was there — which begs the question “Why pay extra for something you don’t notice?” but was nevertheless interesting to me since the process had always seemed so obtrusive.

  12. david wingrove Says:

    One of my favourite Andre de Toth flicks is the unlikely THE OTHER LOVE – a ‘woman’s picture’ with Barbara Stanwyck as a concert pianist dying in a plush Swiss sanatorium. Truly a camp classic awaiting rediscovery!

  13. Sounds enticing!

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