Hong Kong viewing

The new Senses of Cinema is online, and with it my CTEQ annotation (ie review) of Tsui Hark’s peppy, shrill, fun SHANGHAI BLUES. Here. This is one I volunteered for under a late-night misconception that I’d actually seen the film — turns out I’d seen the superior PEKING OPERA BLUES. Still, it was the work of an instant with me to track down a copy of the movie, see it, and form some kind of semi-coherent response. Fun, too.

Gotta do something about that self-pitying bio though.

10 Responses to “Hong Kong viewing”

  1. Another movie I’d dearly love to see, but not available on any DVD I’ve been able to lay my hands on. I know, I know, there are other ways, but I’m too lazy.

    There was recently a short thread about this one at Mobius Home Video Forum: http://z8.invisionfree.com/MHVF/index.php?showtopic=12612

  2. Thanks! I used to read the Moebius Boards a lot, don’t know why I slackened off…

    I’d definitely take Peking Opera Blues over Shanghai, but both are fun, and a good intro to Hark’s manic style.

  3. MHVF stopped admitting new people a few years ago, and it got steadily less interesting after that as attrition decreased the number of people participating. I had stopped reading it myself, but I dipped back in a couple of months ago and have been following it again sporadically since then. The Asian Board is particularly moribund, and the thread about Shanghai Blues was part of an attempt to rejuvenate it.

  4. Weird that they’d try to limit it — fighting their own popularity. Elitism is only useful SOMETIMES.

  5. I can’t remember how it all went down, but I’m not sure it was intentional. It became a … GHOST SHIP!

  6. It’s funny how various discussion boards cycle through periods of popularity and inactivity, and how the level of discourse fluctuates in no particular relationship to that. Where’s the best place for online film chat today?

  7. David, please! How can you even ask where the best place is for online film talk nowadays when you post at Mubi!

    (Of course I just might be biased since that’s where I go to chat…)

  8. I’m terribly neglectful of the Mubi chat facility — ought to explore its possibilities.

  9. Nitrateville is pretty good for chat and news about silent film. It seems like I mostly read individual blogs at this point, rather than discussion lists or the like.

  10. Well, I have to admit that Mubi, so far, isn’t the best place for talking about classic cinema away from the big names due to the average age of the posters tending towards the young side, but there are a few of us who would appreciate more posts in that direction, so I’m hoping to entice more talk along those lines. Mubi is pretty great for talking about “art” films and those from areas of the world that aren’t easy to get conversations going on at other sites. David Ehrenstein does drop in from time to time though, so that keeps things lively, and there are other “older” people like myself, older in this case being past forty, who actually grew up watching classic films on tv and are thus more interested in that area. I think the decline in interest among many of the younger set has to do with not being acculturated to older styles at an early age so those films seem weird to them in some ways.

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