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New York Dollhouse

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Glenn Erickson of DVDSavant sent me the above image, showing how the New York of DELUGE (1933) was prepared for destruction. Glenn has considerable experience with miniature work himself, having worked on Spielberg’s CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND and 1941, so I believe him when he suggests that the doll-like docks were probably built out of doors, benefitting from natural sunlight. I guess the weather must’ve been mild, so they were confident no breeze would topple the Empire State…

I always like these kind of behind-the-scenes images, with Godzilla-sized effects men looming over the concrete canyons: see also METROPOLIS, with its cast of studious technicians manipulating tiny autocars (my memory says the men wear white lab coats and wield tweezers, but I may be romancing).


The Production Designer

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Look out! The result of a long-term plan bears fruit, as the latest issue of The Believer hits stateside newsstands. Cradled within its crackling leaves, a new piece by me, detailing the work of William Cameron Menzies.

You can buy it via Amazon here ~

The Believer, Issue 79: March/April 2011 Film Issue

Thanks to David Bordwell and Glenn Erickson for their trailblazing work here and here and here and here.