Cobblers to the King

The story of Richard Williams’ THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER is one of cinema’s most tragic — for the potted version, head to this week’s The Forgotten over at the Daily Notebook.


8 Responses to “Cobblers to the King”

  1. david wingrove Says:

    Did Richard Williams do the wonderfully over-the-top animated titles for THE SAILOR FROM GIBRALTAR? Not sure if he did…but for me they’re the highlight of the film.

  2. No, and they’re not animated — it’s all live action.

    Those were designed by illustrator Alan Aldridge, and forty-odd years later, I was able to supply him with a copy of his work!

  3. david wingrove Says:

    God, and I was convinced they were a cartoon! A possible reflection on the quality of the copy at the Cinemateca Romana?

  4. Dick Williams is like a living argument for Blu-Ray — you just can’t look at his stuff closely enough!

  5. Today I briefly interviewed animator Andreas Deja, who worked under Williams as a lead animator on Who Framed Roger Rabbit. When I asked if he remains in contact with Williams, or simply knows what he’s up to, Deja told me Williams has fallen in with Aardman, been given his own personal space and is basically being left to his own devices. As far as Deja knows, he’s toiling away–in solo–on a half-hour short, the particulars of which he’s remaining mum on.

  6. Well that’s good news! Artists like Williams should really have lived in the age of patronage, where somebody would just pay them to do their stuff.

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