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Match Cut

Posted in FILM with tags , on February 21, 2011 by dcairns

Here’s a clip of Alexander Mackendrick talking about his film teaching work, culled from a BBC Scotland arts show called Scope. Since Mackendrick was raised in Glasgow (and has the genteel accent to prove it), Scottish broadcasters showed quite a bit of interest in him over the years. I must have a dozen interviews.

Thanks to the Shadowplay secret agent who liberated this from the BBC archives and copied it, before sneaking it back in.

Paul Cronin, editor of On Film-making, the insuperable study put together from Mackendrick’s CalArts lectures, had to whittle down a substantial set of notes to make a single coherent volume, and one of the things he mentioned removing was a section looking at TV coverage of the Watergate Hearings — so it’s great to find part of that material covered in the above clip.