Silly, isn’t it?

The sailor receives a proposal

To arrange for a human disposal

But the fellow who picked him

Is also the victim

A role that would seem self-opposal.

Another LADY FROM SHANGHAI limerick is now available over at Limerwrecks, home of the film noir limerick, and another participating outlet in the Self-Styled Siren, Ferdy on Film and the Film Noir Foundation’s For the Love of Film (Noir) Film Preservation Blogathon.

So, when I said that my previous post was the penultimate in my blogathon entries, that wasn’t accurate. THIS is my penultimate post.

Donate some money, and when you see THE SOUND OF FURY you will know that a few of its scintillating seconds owe their glistening, pristine existence to you!

7 Responses to “Silly, isn’t it?”

  1. […] a Brobdingnagian in Lilliput, a mountain among midgets.” Oh, and he’s gotten into the limerick act, […]

  2. That’s the scariest shot in the entire movie. And Glenn Anders gives the creepiest performance in the history of the cinema, IMO, in this demented masterpiece.

  3. It’s an amazing angle. Not only does the vertigo get you, but the wide-angle lens makes the eyelines go kerflooey, so that everybody seems to be staring past everybody, in a really creepy way.

  4. David Boxwell Says:

    Another thumbs up for Anders. I have seen this movie 6 times and I can’t figure out why he’s what he’s doing (or why he’s even in the movie), but I love him and his natty high-waisted trousers.

  5. David Boxwell Says:

    I’ll try again for sense: I can’t figure out why he’s doing what he’s doing. I’d love to know if all his tic shtick was his own original “thing”, or if he did what Welles told him to do, or if they worked on enacting the character together.

    And that voice!

  6. The only other movie I can recall him in is Losey’s M, where he’s part of a simply amazing menagerie of gangsters. His performance is close to the one in LFS, except of course Welles gets him to turn it up to 11.

    I don’t think I’ve even figured out why Grisby hires O’Hara to kill him, since as Elsa observes, his insurance scam idea doesn’t make a lick of sense.

  7. Yes that’s quite a crew in the Losey M: Glenn Anders, David Wayne, Raymond Burr, Martin Gabel, Luther Adler, and my pal Norman Lloyd.

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