A Wee Dram

What’ll it be? McQuilsh’s Highland Liqueur, or that giant bottle of whisky that menaces David Farrar in THE SMALL BACK ROOM? Both brands are completely fictitious, but they’re all we stock in the Shadowplay bar. Oh, apart from that blue stuff they quaff in STAR WARS, but you don’t want to touch that. Pure meths.

I don’t recall who it was who recommended Clive Brook’s ON APPROVAL, but a thousand thanks to them! The film is now the subject of this week’s edition of The Forgotten, available at all good newsagents.

15 Responses to “A Wee Dram”

  1. Ent-draught would do me just fine. Makes you grow up big and strong and might put twigs on your chest.

  2. david wingrove Says:

    I’ve heard so much about this film but never managed to see it…got the idea somewhere that Terence (CORRIDOR OF MIRRORS) Young helped out with the directing. Any truth in that?

    BTW, isn’t Googie Withers still alive and living in Australia?

  3. He helped out, anyway, as he’s co-scenarist with Brook. I’d imagine Brook might have needed extra help behind the camera when he was in front of it.

    Yes, Googie is still with us, or with the Australians anyhow.

  4. My favorite film about alcoholism is Chabrol’s Betty with Stephane Audran and Marie Trintignant.

  5. Was just thinking earlier I need to see more Chabrol.

  6. David Boxwell Says:

    ON APPROVAL is proto-post-modern!

  7. If you’re thinking “More Chabrol” seek out Masques, A Girl Cut in Two, Les Godelueraux, Dr. Popaul, and above all Marie-Chantal contre le Dr. Kha

  8. I’m on it!

    Proto-post-modern is right! Lovely to see Hellzapoppin’ craziness married to the elegant drawing room comedy.

  9. Jenny Eardley Says:

    If you buy the DVD of Dr Popaul you get some cheeky Belmondo artwork to boot: http://bit.ly/fPvf4b

  10. …but no English subtitles, just an English dub. A shame. I’ll have to settle for Dr Kha instead of Dr Popaul.

  11. McQuilsh–funny. Need to see that. Happy new year.

  12. I believe I was the one who recommended the film, as evidence that Clive Brook was not a total stiff. I’m delighted that you liked it and even more delighted by your article. I loved the film enough to buy a collection of Frederic Lonsdale’s plays, but haven’t gotten around to reading On Approval. Incredibly enough, there are some folks who hate the movie for taking too many liberties and prefer the 1970s BBC production starring Jeremy Brett, which is supposedly more faithful. I recently obtained that version but have yet to watch it. I doubt it will displace the film in my affections.

  13. Thanks again, IA! Definitely a good recommendation.

    The play’s clearly good, but no way could a TV adaptation replace this version in my affections — he’s made a proper FILM out of it, which is the adaptor’s job.

  14. Tony Williams Says:

    I enjoy “Clan MacGregor” even though it may not be a real Scottish blend.

  15. Enjoy! Especially this time of year.

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