Satan’s Little Helper

With apologies to Paul Duane, who suggested Leo McCarey for this role, one the Great Man would no doubt have appreciated. But Leo’s not as recognizable a personage as the less prolific auteur TC (one film as director, but it’s a doozy — THE WORLD’S GREATEST SINNER), who also has the benefit of a great Ebenezer Scrooge type visage.

22 Responses to “Satan’s Little Helper”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by dcairns. dcairns said: Have a Timothy Carey Christmas! […]

  2. A favourite Tim Carey moment:

  3. “Me, a social undesirable?”

  4. Gremlins is one of my favourite Christmas films — one of several Dantes I can’t keep myself from watching if it’s on TV. And it’s true to the important tradition of Christmas films by including a good dose of bleakness and doom!

  5. Kubrick had a soft spot for Carey. Kirk Douglas was appalled and disgusted at Carey’s “bad acting” in PATHS OF GLORY, which I imagine fueled Kubrick’s allowances for Carey’s indulgent style of performance. Anything to get Kirk’s goat, I’ll wager. I think Tim’s a sterling choice for a Christmas post. And I got to see THE WORLD’S GREATEST SINNER about five years back (scored by the then little-known Frank Zappa). Only Carey himself could’ve concocted such a tale.

  6. Timothy Carey is terrific in The Killing of Chinese Bookie where he utters the direct non-sequitir, of why Marx was wrong about religion being the opium when it was money that was the narcotic of people. Cassavetes somehow allowed Carey to engage Marx in a dialogue for the first time in an American crime film.

  7. Kubrick said he liked to work with the world’s best actors, but if he couldn’t get them, he’d settle for distinctive types. Carey is certainly the latter.

    Kubes also liked to get actors to exaggerate their styles, hence the extremes from Nicholson, Scott, Magee… With Carey he almost seems restrained in his Kubrick roles, compared to what he could be like.

  8. One exception to Kubrick refraining from exaggeration is James Mason who was one of the world’s best actors and of course Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut, the most complex and best performance by any actress in his works.

  9. As Tim might have said, Bollocks.

  10. Well, Kidman is better with a little restraint. I like Shelley Winters best, though.

  11. Much as I love Leo McCarey, Tim Carey is the perfect ornament for any Christmas tree. In fact I might just spend tomorrow watching The World’s Greatest Sinner – a fantastically blasphemous, pious film – to cement the deal. Merry Christmas!

  12. Carey Christmas!

  13. And a Timothy New Year (Tiny and otherwise).

  14. God Carey us everyone!

    (Who can forget him in One-Eyed Jacks? Immortal in cinema is the moment when Brando scowls down at a just-decked Carey and commands
    “Git. . .up. . .you .. .scum. . .suckin’. . . .PIG!”)

  15. I presume Kubrick is responsible for his casting in that one, as well…

  16. Possibly. But it’s my understanding he dropped out of the project in pre-production.

  17. I believe so, but fairly far along in prep. Enough time for Brando and he to definitively clash, according to various stories. It seems that Kubrick hadn’t met Slim Pickens prior to Strangelove, so his casting was down to Brando.

  18. Cassavetes said he used to call round to Carey’s house and Carey would always have some new crazy thing to show him. One day he had a ferocious dog penned in the yard. He convinced Cassavetes to put on a padded protective suit and go out into the yard to try to calm the dog down. Cassavetes did so, and was comprehensively mauled. From the safety of the house, he could see Carey at the window shouting “It isn’t you he hates – it’s THE FUCKIN’ SUIT!”

  19. LOL, this is hilarious! I hope you get a chance to check out my blog about Carey. I’m writing a book about him. Have a very Carey Christmas!

  20. Thanks, I know I’m going to love your blog! See you over there later — and Merry Christmas!

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