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Because YOU demanded it!

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Fiona complains: “That’s RUBBISH! They look like FLOWERS!”

By request of Andreas. I think he looks quite splendid and dignified.

By request of Paul Duane. Surprisingly little rhymes with “Jordan”, but fortunately I remembered Rudolph’s less-celebrated cousin.

Anne Billson wanted a Von Trier.

By request of David E and Anne Billson. Anybody with more than three syllables per name is going to get shortened. But “Joe” seemed too easy.

What the hell are “tidings” anyway?

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Here are some festive greetings cards from Shadowplay. Simply print out the images, cut them to size, paste them onto a piece of folded card and do all the wearisome and time-consuming interior layout yourself.

Actual size Scorsese.

I don’t like Mike Leigh’s stuff too much, but you’ve got to admit, he has a festive appearance.

And I applaud the Criterion Collection’s release of the long-unavailable TOPSY TURVY, the only Leigh film I’ve both seen and enjoyed. (There are many Leigh films I’ve seen and not enjoyed. Are there Leigh films I’ve enjoyed and not seen? Yes.)

Orson is how I’d like to imagine Father Christmas.

I wish this were a talking card, Lynch’s nasal twang seems an ideal medium for conveying seasonal cheer.

And nothing says “Yuletide Fun” like this fellow. Have an Irreversible Christmas!