One-Stop Shopping

Just to make things easier for those of you contemplating your Christmas shopping, here are links to all the fabulous Shadowplay-related products available NOW!

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? [Masters of Cinema] [Blu-ray] (Amazon UK)

Available from UK Amazon, just follow the link. I have to say, this was the disc that was most fun to write for. I didn’t have to feel afraid of treating the movie with a lack of respect, since a flip tone is the best way to respect Tashlin, master of the offhand gag. With this one, you get the excellent film, a few visual extras, a Tony Randall text interview, and three — count em! — three essay/pieces by moi. Blu-Ray only.

Lubitsch In Berlin [Masters of Cinema] [DVD] [1918] (Amazon UK)

Two little essays adorn the packaging here, accompanied by excellent pieces by Anna Thorngate and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky. As ever, the real attraction is the films, particularly THE OYSTER PRINCESS, which, like an idiot, I didn’t select to write about when given the chance.

The Complete Fritz Lang Mabuse Box Set [DVD] [1922] (Amazon UK)

I kind of stowed away on this one. It was supposed to collect the best writing extant on Lang’s MABUSE meisterwerks, which it does, plus me. I offered a piece on Fritz Lang’s best friend in later years, a wooden chimpanzee called Peter. And got two Beatles references into it. My motivation, as ever, was the adulation of the masses, but mainly I just wanted a copy of the box set and wasn’t sure I could afford it otherwise.

Amazon US ~

Stagecoach (The Criterion Collection)

Stagecoach (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]

The most daunting assignment of them all, because Ford’s status is so high, because I secretly felt there might well be others who could do a better job, because Ford’s is the art that conceals art, and because Ford’s comedy does not, somehow, invite critics to join in the joke, so humour had to be channelled carefully. The result was a focus more on the history behind the movie, which was fascinating to get into, and seems to have been the right approach.


15 Responses to “One-Stop Shopping”

  1. What just struck me is how unlike one of these items is from the other. I’d say your resume thus far is eclectic and pretty wide-ranging. Which to my mind is a good thing.

  2. Definitely, from the point of view of hoovering up more work! The downside is that the Tashlin piece is better than the others, so people might realize I’m not really as versatile as they thought…

    For next year, I’m waiting to hear about one very exciting project, but I don’t want to jinx it.

  3. So when is the Lee Tracy Box Set being released?

  4. Good question! Maybe a LaCava box set, including The Half-Naked Truth, or a Roy Del Ruth box set for Blessed Event, would do. Yes, a collection of The Half-Naked Truth and Bed of Roses and My Man Godfrey and Stage Door…

  5. And to blow my own horn here, don’t forget the MoC editions of Murnau’s Faust and Nick Ray’s The Savage Innocents with alternate track commentaries by me and Bill Krohn. Plus the MoC edition of Ford’s The Prisoner of Shark Island in which I can be seen discussing Ernest Whitman on a special feature link.

  6. I have all of of those! Alas, a rights issue took Savage Innocents off the shelves shortly after it appeared, but copies are still out there. It’s major Nick Ray and quite unlike anything else.

  7. I’ve done my bit – all purchased! And if the weather stays icy for the next few weeks I may finally manage to open up my copy of Savage Innocents! (I’ve been saving it for when I have more free time to savour it but have come to the belated conclusion that I’m never going to have such a thing, so have to grab the opportunity whenever I can!)

  8. The worst part about the Savage Innocents rights issue is that ITV replaced it with a pan and scan disc of the film! However it does make the Masters of Cinema disc of this even more cherishable!

  9. The Tashlin bluray is a delight and has the added distinction of being (unnacountably enough) my girlfriend’s first exposure to the man’s work. Thanks to your essay, DC, I went looking for and managed to find a NYRB re-issue of one of his childrens’ books and that’s now on its way to us, and once I’ve done a bit of research on what’s out there, the rest of his available oeuvre won’t be far behind.

  10. Tashlin on DVD: not as wide a range as I’d like, but at least we have The Girl Can’t Help It (with John Waters intro) and some of the Jerry Lewis movies. I even got The Private Navy of Sgt O’Ferrall (for completists only), which I never thought I’d see.

  11. Ford’s The Prisoner of Shark Island is one of my favourite films by this director.

  12. Nice version of The Mighty Quinn.

  13. Bill Krohn and David E’s is EVEN BETTER. And makes for one of the more unusual endings to a commentary track heard thus far in the short history of that medium.

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