Snowed under at work?

As snowflakes the size of killer bees batten and fatten upon the cowering metropolis, the world turns Harry Langdon white.

Snow keeps going on and off every minute. TV weather forecast will need an epilepsy warning.

So, a wee bit of snow and the Art College closes. I don’t quite get how the college is any less safe than anywhere else. The conspiracy theory connects this event to a planned union meeting that maybe management would rather didn’t happen, the non-conspiracy theory sees Scotland going the way of England, a nation of meteorological pantywaists who sink into the bluest of funks at the merest hint of fleecy precipitation.


Anyhow, the afternoon off gives me time to maybe watch PORTRAIT OF JENNIE or something.

14 Responses to “Snowed under at work?”

  1. Here’s a really great snow movie

    It even has a score by “Mark Snow” (aka. Marty Fulterman)

  2. Christopher Says:

    ..where I come from nobody knows..where I’m going everone goes…”
    I have Jennie sitting out here to watch again myself.

  3. Mario Monicelli RIP.

  4. Oh boy, it’s been quite a day!

  5. Oh my.

    A very important Italain filmmaking talent. I adore The Organizer

  6. For Barabara Steel adepts he is also noed for the amazing L’Amarta Bracaleone, a kind of Italian precursor/equivalent to Monty Python and the Holy Grail starring Vittorio Gassman and featuring Catherine Spaak, Gian Maria Volante and Barbara — playing a nun — who in a memorable scene whips off her (very eleborate) habit and begins to whip Gassman, who whips her in turn.

  7. That’s quite a film, with spectacular Pierro Gherardi costumes.

  8. How have I possibly missed that one?!

  9. I’ll get you a copy. The subs are out of synch but that won’t be a problem for you.

  10. Monicelli was the last great survivor from that golden period of Italian Cinema, which is one of the greatest bursts of creativity of the 20th Century(from Rossellini to Pasolini’s death). I guess at his age, he felt that it was time to end things.

    Hopefully THE ORGANIZER will get a re-release. Its primo Mastroianni and a great film of the 60s.

  11. What a truly horrible ending! Don’t know Monicelli’s work at all, having fallen asleep during a midnight festival screening of I COMPAGNI/THE ORGANIZER. Due to exhaustion, not to lack of interest…

    Did see something called LET’S HOPE IT’S A GIRL, starring Liv Ullmann and Catherine Deneuve as two Italian sisters (?!?!) but I suspect that was not his finest hour.

  12. david wingrove Says:

    Just saw the ARMATA BRANCALEONE images. Was Barbara Steele ever so dazzling? The costumes are a bit like Gabriella Pecucci’s for ‘TIS PITY SHE’S A WHORE, only more wondrously over the top. I have to see this!

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