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and every word of it true

Posted in FILM with tags , on November 6, 2010 by dcairns

‘”Tarzan” turns life saver’ — an insightful piece of film journalism from my 1933 Film-Lovers’ Annual, a publication I intend to quote extensively from in the coming decades.

If you happen to be overcome while paddling at Santa Monica, make sure you have your Tarzan co-star and a photographer from the Film-Lovers’ Annual along with you. You won’t be sorry.

For even greater security, bring your nude body double from Tarzan and His Mate.

Baywatch ’33.

The “SM Guards” spring into arm-massaging action.

…and none the worse for her adventure.

For some reason, I keep thinking these captions were pilfered from a Tijuana Bible. Maybe it’s just that the guileless innocence of the whole thing induces an involuntary counter-reaction?