The Unexpected #3

Dorothy Gish’s rack.

Well, it is unexpected, right? All the more so in a British picture (any part of a Gish sister is unexpected in such a picture), and one from Mr Respectable himself, Herbert Wilcox, whom I always associate with prestigious period pictures (yawn) — like this one, NELL GWYN.

But, owing to its subject, the orange-seller turned actress turned king’s consort — for which, read “prostitute turned prostitute turned prostitute” — and the movie has a certain racy tang. Which is fully reflected in its costume design.

And my DVD stops working at exactly this frame.

10 Responses to “The Unexpected #3”

  1. Never seen the Dorothy Gish silent, but the 1934 sound version with Anna Neagle is actually quite something.

    It’s much livelier and more amusing than Korda’s historical epics – and the ‘demure’ Ms. Neagle shows so much cleavage that bits of it had to be re-shot for the US market.

    Oh, and it has the most fabulous hat in film history! Watch it and you’ll know the one I mean.

  2. Hubba Hubba. Ranks right up there with Colbert in Cleopatra and Baclanova in The Man Who Laughs. Stopped at this frame? There must be a reason for that.

  3. For once “Here come those tired old tits again” does NOT come to mind.

  4. Unexpected but welcome.

  5. Who knew a Gish could be so perky?

    I’ll need to check out the Neagle, and maybe I need to give Wilcox another chance. I did find some interest in Nurse Edith Cavell — the film was dull, but the score featured the News on the March theme from Citizen Kane, a later RKO release.

  6. Christopher Says:

    Hammer Hooters!

  7. Well, with Hammer, the hooters are NEVER unexpected.

    BBC4 are running a history of horror series at the moment, which will be looking at Hammer next. Can’t wait to see who they’ve interviewed — the 30s episode had Gloria Stuart, in maybe her last interview.

  8. As Allen Sherman said in one of his parody songs, “Dorothy Gish/What a dish ….”

  9. Christopher Says:

    all they need is a little blood trickling down ’em…..TCM here is doing the Hammer Mummies tonight…meeeh
    Don’t know about the Gish sisters but alot of silent film gals posed nude for “art fotos”some I’m a little suprised to see..
    speaking of Old Dark house territory..
    Lilian Bond

  10. I’ve seen some of those “art photo” shots. I think every Ziegfeld girl of the ’20s had one done and a lot of them became actresses. I saw a nice one of Billie Dove not that long ago.

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