The Birthday Intertitle

Forty-three years old. Jesus Christ! Everybody say nice things to keep me from slithering into a slough of despond, please. YouTubage also welcome. What’s that musical where the guy comes hopping out his front door and hops all the way up the street in a spectacular long take? That might do it.

34 Responses to “The Birthday Intertitle”

  1. Shuffling off into geezerhood, as are we all. Happy Birthday David. Slough of Despond? I’ve got twelve years on you, and if nothing else there are too many overlooked films that have yet to be discovered, perhaps the one thing I value the most with this blog of yours.

  2. Oh, 43 is nothing… I was in fact quite proud to share a couple of ciphers with This Land Is Mine back when I blew those candles.

    (Now, back when I turned 25… Man, that was tough!)

  3. A year older than you, I will act as a scout to forewarn you of what’s ahead. So, hey – 43 is going to be great, 44 even better. Though you will find your memory lapses becoming more frequent and your intolerance for those younger than you and their empty-headed conceits will increase. Apart from that, no complaints.

  4. That video you’re referring to is Peter Wolf’s “Come As You Are”: Enjoy the bouncing!

  5. 43? I could be your father if I were straight.

    There’s a great moment in Duelle when Bulle Ogier sighs “Oh I have been young for too long!” — which is the sort of thing immortal mythical deities are wont to say.

  6. Sounds good! Thanks, everyone. Seeing The Social Network this evening, then meeting friends for the Filmhouse Film Quiz, so it should be a nice night.

  7. Johnny, thanks, I hadn’t seen that. It’s a pastiche of an MGM musical number which appears in one of the That’s Entertainment compilations, but I don’t recall the performer or film or song. Be interesting to put the music vid side by side with the original. As I recall, the original guy bounces higher!

  8. Ah-hah! Long takes timed to the exact breaking point of the human shinbone.

  9. Ha- I’ve seen a couple of the That’s Entertainment! comps, but I guess I had forgotten about or overlooked that one. There’s the inspiration for Wolf’s video, right there!

    Wolf was married to Faye Dunaway for a few years in the 70s, by the way…

  10. I’m sure she kept him on his toes.

  11. Re. The Social Network, please do provide us with your take on it. I wasn’t planning on seeing this but I’d forgotten that David Fincher directs, which may sway me in the opposite direction (ZODIAC is still my favorite Fincher film thus far).

  12. Nice thing….must think….Oh!

    At least you’re not as old as I am!

    Wait, that didn’t come out so good.

  13. Happy birthday!

    Here’s Goldfrapp’s take on that Small Town Girl sequence:

  14. Many happy returns!

  15. Christopher Says:

    ..seems like only yesterday I would see someone in the Paper had turned 43 that day..and I’d tell myself..I’d like to be 43…someday!..Well that day has long gone now..
    All the best to you this day amigo!
    God!..why can’t life be a little more like that bobby van clip!….whats the matter with everyone..:o/

  16. Many happy returns! A child of October 10th – seven days after my own birthday, five days after my partner’s. (We’re each now 26.) To celebrate please enjoy DR X, as created by her grandfather:

  17. > Cary Grant: Ah, I can see her now. White-haired, lavender and old lace. > Can’t you see her, Bruce?
    > Ralph Bellamy: Yes, yes I can.
    >Cary Grant: She’s OLD, isn’t she!

    Don’t worry, David. You’re not as old as all that. Don’t fret, and just have yourself a good time.

  18. I bet you’ve seen some things with those 43 year old eyes; attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, C-beams glittering, etc. It’s all tears in the rain.

    I reckon we’re the luckiest generation, David given everything we’ve experienced and lived through culturally and socially, with just the right level of early hardship to fully appreciate the amazing SF techno-present. The Goldilocks generation to use a planetary analogy. Blog the blues away, mate.

  19. Gerard, tell me more about this Dr X!

    Thanks, everyone! Social Network = very good.

  20. I’ll put the deerstalker on and return with my findings. (By which I mean I’ll ask my girlfriend’s dad.) More as it comes.

  21. Happy Birthday David !

    Frida sends birthday miaows.

  22. Oh why did they ever have cover “Come as you are”! Happy birthday here too!

    (Chico Marx was 43 when they shot Cocoanuts. 43’s nothing.)

  23. shadowplay

    Happy Birthday, from me,…and google

  24. I’m not fretting at all, Chris. There are many advantages toage. Back when I was young — and I’m talking 13 — I liked to hang out with people in their late 20s. I was almost always the youngest person in the room.

    Now I’m becomign the oldest.

  25. Oops. I didn’t see it was already up. Okay, I got you some treasure

  26. Heh! Le Pistolere, a French western, has barrooms full of cowboys quaffing red wine, an enjoyably surreal image.

  27. The scariest thing about getting older (47 years and counting) is the number of people in their 20s who remind me of my grandparents.

    Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who said “Youth is wasted on the young?” Whether her did or not, he was right.

  28. I think it was “Youth is wasted on the lower mammals, reptiles, fish and invertibrates.”

  29. Happy birthday! You were born just in time to dress up as a baby for Halloween!

  30. It’s true! When I was born, that was much easier than it is now, of course.

  31. But as long as you are the most beautiful person in the room, what does it matter how old you are?

    Just ask Elizabeth Bathory!

  32. Happy birthday, youngster! Thanks for all the brilliant limerick ‘comments’ over at Limerwrecks. I’d love to add you as a contributer!

  33. Thanks! How does that work?

  34. Easy. You send me an email and I’ll “invite you”.

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