“Charles Band’s Hideous!” “Is he?”

I’ve never met the man, or even seen a photograph, but from what I’ve viewed of his work, the above statement seems more than probably accurate.

14 Responses to ““Charles Band’s Hideous!” “Is he?””

  1. If we’re talking about the Charles Band who produced the Puppet Master series, the Dollman series and the Demonic Toys series (as well as Dollman vs. Demonic Toys and Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys), then I’ve seen much of his work and he is truly hideous.

  2. Randy Cook Says:

    Yes he is. AND deformed, devious, depraved. We must discuss sometime, over a secure line.

  3. “deformed, devious, depraved”

    I expect now’s the time to bring up Andy Milligan.

  4. I remember being at a friend’s house and watching a film where Band had a song credit as well, and I thought, “oh, like Victor Schertzinger”, but after seeing the film I thought the analogy a little inapt.

  5. There’s a whole Band dynasty, I see, with dad Albert (I Bury the Living) and composer brother Richard. A band of Bands.

    Did Andy Milligan ever make any money out of his films? I guess Band has, just not enough to ever get him out of z-movies.

    Randy, I look forward to that call!

  6. I doubt it. Here’s a clip from his sole serious work

  7. Wow, that’s a pretty random mise-en-scene. I kind of like the very hot lighting though.

  8. If you ever (and you really, really should) read Lilian Ross’s brilliant book Picture, chronicling the making of John Huston’s The Red Badge of Courage, Albert Band plays a major (and not particularly pleasant) role in the story. It may well be the single best book written about Hollywood, produced as it was at a time when a mere journalist could gain access to the very top of the power pyramid.

  9. I HAVE read it, but I guess I didn’t know Band’s name then so it didn’t strike me. It’s not just that Ross gained access, it’s that the characters involved spoke somewhat frankly. Huston seemed to be just about the only one playing politics, whereas Louis B Mayer was exactly what he appeared to be.

  10. While all of the above may be true – I’m unfamiliar with Band’s oeuvre, so I can’t vouch for or against it. But I’m shocked no one has yet pointed out that his Empire Pictures did produce Stuart Gordon’s “Re-Animator,” maybe the finest splatter movie ever. Not sure how much, if anything, Band himself had to do with it. Bro Richard did “compose” the (honestly rather nifty) “Psycho” rip-off score.

  11. Can’t recall ever enjoying a Psycho rip-off score, but the saving grace of Band’s films is often the OTT performances, and that maybe feeds into Re-Animator. Mainly I like the mad doctors in that one.

    As for best splatter movie — Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead (another director/title combo that sounds like an insult) has to take the prize there. Detractors might say it’s just the “most splatter”, but for sheer invention, it takes the breath (and lungs) away.

  12. That Re-Animator title sequence is a bizarre mash up of influences – the Psycho score but the fluorescent pans into and away from the medical images feels more influenced by the Vertigo title and that final zoom into the empty eye socket is reminiscent of end of another Saul Bass title sequence, Spartacus.

    Of course for a much classier pan over medical diagrams in a title sequence we have to wait for Dead Ringers!

  13. And that is a really amazing set of titles, from when Cronenberg always had nifty designs. Naked Lunch is particularly nice.

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