“Like a white flame…”

RIP Gloria Stuart.

13 Responses to ““Like a white flame…””

  1. She certainly had a great life.

  2. Christopher Says:

    “You think of nothing!..but your long straight legs and your white body!”
    ..love that Universal WIND MACHINE..

  3. Christopher Says:

    few actors then or today display the glow and energy of Dick Powell in the Busby Berkelys..

  4. What David said. :C

  5. Devastating news! She was a living fragment of film history…and how many actors make their biggest splash at 87?! (Literally, in the case of TITANIC.)

    It sounds like Olivia and Joan really are the last two survivors. Perhaps a few younger ones (Maureen O’Hara, Jane Russell, Lauren Bacall) to bring up the rear. It’s all very sad…

  6. Certainly not many left who can talk with experience of making pre-code movies. In fact, maybe none! That IS the end of an era.

  7. True, I hadn’t thought of that. Even the venerable Olivia started her screen career a year or so after the Production Code came in.

    Jane, of course, was a huge fan of the Code – because it stopped her movies from becoming too raunchy!! She was a clean-livin down-home Christian gal…and knew how to do a LOT with a LITTLE!

  8. “She certainly had a great life.” My God, didn’t she just! I had no idea about her political and artistic activities. I’d be proud to have an obituary half as interesting.

  9. On the Old Dark House commentary track she talks about her co-star, Eva Moore (“No beds!”) had been a suffragette, and how she wished she’d known that at the time because they’d have had a lot to talk about.

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