Back Soon

19 Responses to “Back Soon”

  1. This has nothing at all to do with David’s return, but I thought you’d like it Mr E.

  2. Christopher Says:

    intermission time..while the cats away!

  3. Christopher Says:

  4. Helen Chandler + Jean-Michel Jarre = welcome home!

  5. Waiting’s weird.

  6. Completely the wrong clip. OR WAS IT? Yes. Try again.

  7. Christopher Says:

    Captain Peacock! :o)
    They make that food in those Drive-In ads look so disgusting!..and it really is good. :o)

  8. Christopher Says:

  9. That’s Donald Pleasence as the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water, traumatizing a generation of British children.

  10. I don’t remember the gruesome PSA being used here much, but I do remember the hysterical antidrug ones from the late ’60s/early ’70s, a couple of which were also bluntly racist.

  11. Find them on YouTube!

  12. Hm, I can’t find the more extreme ones I remember (the one where the black guy who’s asked about his sister doing pot is one I’m sure was on TV), there are very few up on YouTube and too many are from the ’80s. I wonder if maybe some of the best/worst ones were short films I saw in school.

    One blander one I stumbled across that I remember well was the magician talking in a hipster voice (but always clearly enunciated, of course) to a bunch of elementary-school kids. I remembered the lines almost word for word as soon as it started, it ran so many times in my community. Let me try embedding it next comment and see if it works.

  13. Thanks Fiona!

    If Coppola had it together a tad better he’d be planning to star J G-L in a musical.

  14. That magician film is brilliant! I love how much the kid knows about drugs (and it gives a whole new meaning to the injunction “Just say no”.)

  15. Christopher Says:

    I remember all those scare tactic films on drugs in the late 60s just made me want to take drugs more!

  16. Since I was fairly close to the age of the kids in the commercial, my reaction was to make fun of it, using some of the magician’s lines as catchphrases. I wonder how many kids raided their parents’ medicine cabinet looking for “goodies” in their own home after seeing this? Speed and barbiturates were still pretty commonly prescribed then. Hell, everyone had pot in my school days from junior high on, even the teachers.

    Amazing to say I never, ever saw an adult dealer (and never anyone like the magician, so much the pity) until I was out of high school because they were near, only two blocks away from my high school.

    My most amusing drug story was at one job I had in my college days, a company picnic was held and the owner of the company broke out his stash (what didn’t he have would have been a better question), and passed joints around. In a public park. A number of the employees were too terrified to take even a small drag.

  17. He’s good with the sleight-of-hand, but not so good with handling the well-informed little heckler… Deny deny deny! You’ll never get a job in the tobacco industry if you cave in like that.

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