Curiouser and Curiouser

Smoking a long-stemmed pipe isn’t a traditional thing for a young lady to do, but trust me, Marie-France Pisier ROCKS THAT LOOK in the very strange and beguiling SERAIL (AKA SURREAL ESTATE), a sort of alternative universe sequel to CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING, which you can read about over at The Daily Notebook in this week’s The Forgotten.

12 Responses to “Curiouser and Curiouser”

  1. I like the sound of The Great Garrick. Your description of it reminded me of a scene in J-P Melville’s Un flic in which all the drinkers/diners in a regular-looking café turn out to be plants.

  2. Oh, The GG is sublime! One of the few times Whale found really congenial material outside the horror genre. The interplay of theatre and life is obviously a them which chimed with his interests. It really does anticipate Rivette in important ways, while still being a Hollywood romantic comedy of the traditional kind.

  3. The Great Garrick is hands down my favorite Whale — and one of the greatest movies of the 1930. Jacques Rivette avant la lettre it should be shown as a doubel feature with eith L’Amour par terr or La Bande a Quatre

    Serail i find is “close but no cigar.” Eduardo De Gregorio’s an interesting characters. In Straub-Hullet’s Les yeux ne veulent pas en tout temps se fermer ou peut-etre qu’un jour Rome se permettra de choisir a son tour (aka. Othon) he sports the loveliest pair of kneecaps I’ve ever seen.
    Of course that was back in 1969. Goodness knows what they look like now.

  4. Claire Denis’ two-part diptych – ”Jacques Rivette, le Veilleur” (Rivette, the Nightwatchman) is one of the greatest achievements of Cineastes de Notre Temps and my favourite of her films. The second part, “The Night”(actually set and shot at nighttime) is just as great. It’s Rivette talking about film with Serge Daney.

    The masterpiece of that show is supposed to be another Rivette movie seen by few – Jean Renoir, le Patron. Criterion unfortunately used only portions of this as excerpts for their Renoir DVDs rather than the whole thing.

  5. I may be about to get my hands on the Renoir doc, which I’ve heard wildly enthusiastic reports on for a while now.

  6. > One of the few times Whale found really
    > congenial material outside of the horror genre

    I’m hoping that you count “Show Boat” as one of the other occasions that he found it.

  7. Corin Redgrave’s widow is Kika Markham — one of the stars of Rivette’s Noroit

  8. Tony Williams Says:

    She also appears in LES DEUX ANGLAIS ET LE CONTINENT (sic?) and is a well known British TV actress naturally associated with revolutionary politics in the past and now taking over from Sylvia Syms in playing Mrs. Thatcher. Her late father David Markham was a very progressive actor.

  9. Showboat certainly counts… maybe that’s the only other great non-horror one. I await a watchable copy of By Candlelight to be sure.

    Am I right in thinking Kika M did some Dennis Potter on TV? Ah yes, Blade on the Feather.

  10. Simon Fraser Says:

    I have ALWAYS said that a long stem ‘Churchwarden’ pipe looks fabulous when smoked by a woman! I’m introducing it into everything I draw…somehow.

  11. Doesn’t it blacken and erode the teeth, though? All the pipe-smokers I’ve seen had teeth like Lon Chaney in London After Midnight (see Clouzot in the extras of the Le Corbeau DVD).

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