Paranoiacally Yours

Over at Electric Sheep Magazine, the “Deviant View of Cinema” is being upheld by yours truly, via an appreciation of Freddie Francis’s PARANOIAC, new on DVD. With added Oliver Reed.

9 Responses to “Paranoiacally Yours”

  1. This is the end of some kind of era.

  2. david wingrove Says:

    I’ve already sobbed all over an earlier post…I just can’t believe it! Guess I assumed that, with all that surgery (which she denies ever having had) darling Zsa Zsa would be with us forever.

  3. I actually typed “Bits of her will,” then thought better of it. Much better.

    She apparently got sick after injuring her hip falling out of bed while watching what much have been a particularly exciting episode of Jeopardy, a show that finally, after decades of inertia, lived up to its name.

    I hope she’s been made comfortable and passes over into the unknown that awaits us all as easily as possible.

  4. Tony Williams Says:

    She was “some kind of woman. What more can you say than that.”

  5. As soon as I have sufficient scratch I’m lodging an Amazon UK order for this on blu-ray. I’ve never had the pleasure, but have been fascinated by the idea of this film for quite some time. Your excellent review only has me champing all the more restlessly at the bit.

  6. jason hyde Says:

    Paranoiac’s really terrific. I love all of Hammer’s black-and-white Diaboliques-derived thrillers, but I’d probably put Paranoiac at the top of the heap because of Oliver Reed and the fact that it’s just so gorgeous to look at. And it has one of the absolute best shock scares in any Hammer film. You’ve made me want to watch it again when I get home.

  7. For sentimental reasons I lean towards Taste of Fear as my fave Diabs rip-off, unless we count The Nanny in which case, unhesitatingly and for all time, The Nanny.

    But Paranoiac is maybe the best-looking Hammer ever.

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