Some Anthony Mann you can stock up on, thereby enriching your friend and humble author, simply by following the links.

The Heroes of Telemark

The Heroes Of Telemark [DVD] [1965]

A major bargain, the UK disc, with filmed Anthony Mann interview thrown in.

INCEPTION fans should check out THE HEROES OF TELEMARK, a decent WWII epic with some stunning photography and this beautiful sequence —

Sheer poetry. It takes its time. Mann has a knack for knowing when NOT to use music, and the sound work in all his later films is really extraordinary. See also the jingling bell that accompanies Jimmy Stewart in THE FAR COUNTRY, and the chariot race and final gladiatorial duel in ROMAN EMPIRE.

This collection features the three Stewart westerns written by the great Borden Chase, and also NIGHT PASSAGE, prepared by Mann, who was then replaced, apparently at the behest of James Stewart. It’s speculated that Stewart was tired of breaking his back performing the realistic action Mann demanded of him…

James Stewart – The Western Collection (Destry Rides Again / Winchester ‘73 / Bend of the River / The Far Country / Night Passage / The Rare Breed)

This collection puts together the best of Mann’s noir work — excluding problem case REIGN OF TERROR — including HE WALKED BY NIGHT, which is credited to Alfred Werker but mostly shot by Mann. John Alton’s luminous b&w chiaroscuro photography ties it together.

The Film Noir of Anthony Mann: T-Men/Raw Deal

9 Responses to “Telemarketing”

  1. Tony Williams Says:

    Thanks David. For the guidance of those who may immediately click their buttons for the US amazon link, it also should be emphasized that this version is cropped while the UK amazon link appears to have the original scope format.

  2. It does, as it’s the source of my clip. Didn’t realize the US edition was pan and scanned — why do they DO that in this day and age???

  3. Re. THE HEROES OF TELEMARK there’s just no comparison, you can pay $18.99 for junk (Dragon Films, apparently an Asian outfit offering Chinese subtitles) or you can pay 2.99 pounds (just under $5.00 US) for the superior UK DVD. For those who haven’t yet done so, this is a solid argument in favor of investing in an all-region player. The graphics on the cover of the Amazon US DVD were the giveaway, just awful.

  4. And I totally agree, the YouTube clip is indeed poetry.

  5. Tony Williams Says:

    Yes, it is another example of a director’s version of “pure cinema.” Thanks for posting this, David. It was exquisite to watch and wipes out my memories of a drunken Richard Harris on the Simon Dee Show in the 1960s blasting the film.

  6. Harris seems to have had very unreliable taste — hence all those terrible movies he made in the 70s, I guess. Depressing that he couldn’t spot the difference when he made something decent. Since I doubt he watched dailies or completed films, my suspicion is he would base his verdict on how enjoyable the film was to make. And I further suspect any film with Mann and Douglas and harsh weather conditions was probably hard work.

    In Juggernaut, when Harris and his men scale the side of an ocean liner, you can’t see Harris, because he didn’t show up that day. So I don’t think he liked hard work.

  7. HIs son Jared is one of my very favorite contemporary actors.

  8. Great comparison. As much as I loved Zimmer’s music in Inception, it’s such a bruising experience. The judicious punctuation of ice breaking, branches snapping is truly atmospheric. Best thing about the clip is, you actually know what’s going on. Why people thought Inception deserved 5 star ratings when the action is, at times, such a mess, is beyond me.

  9. I think Nolan has improved in his action sequences since Batman Begins, but he still has a way to go before he’s actually GOOD at them. I know the incoherence was intentional in BB, aiming to reproduce the startled befuddlement of Batman’s opponents when he cuts loose on them — an interesting concept, but the challenge should then have been to make that as exciting and satisfying and beautiful as a crisply shot fight scene in a wuxia movie. And in no way did he rise to the challenge!

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