From CAPRICE — Frank Tashlin.

From EDEN AND AFTER — Alan Robbe-Grillet.

From A DANDY IN ASPIC, directed by Anthony Mann.

This being Anthony Mann Week, you probably have little doubt which film is the centrepiece over at The Daily Notebook in this week’s edition of The Forgotten…

UK readers buy here, for cheap:
A Dandy In Aspic [DVD] [1968]


10 Responses to “Compartments”

  1. That still from the Tashlin looks like it came from one of Seijun Suzuki’s 1980s films.

  2. There IS a crossover! Suzuki can be kind of Tashlinesque, in his crazy way. Princess Raccoon is maybe the most obvious example.

  3. Robbe-Grillet had his Tashlinesque side too.

    And whiel we’re on the subject —

    Caught the all-media of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World last night and enjoyed it immensely. Based on an illustrated novel I’m not familiar with and directed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) it suggests a cross between The Knack and The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (two great faves of mine) with more than a dab of Tashlin’s Artists and Models thrown in for good measure.

    Michael Cera (cementing his rep as the Jean-Pierre Leaud of Mumblecore) stars as the bass player of a Toronto slacker band who is forced to “do battle” with the “8 evil ex-boyfriends” of his hope-to-be-girlfriend. The “battles” are carried out in the style of a video game crossed with a superhero comic book. The “ComicCon” crew will PLOTZ over this. But you don’t have to be into comic books or superheores to enjoy it. Kieran Culkin (IGBY!) is also on hand as our hero’s randy gay roommate, given to stealing his sister’s boyfriends and such. If only Vito Russo had lived to see Teh Ghey become the sine qua non of cool in a mass market entertainment. He has my favorite line in the film, in a scene where everyone is eyeballing (and commenting on) one of the Evil Exes who is an action movie star: “I want to have his adopted babies!”

  4. After all the black and white of the past few days, the images of this post are pretty radical by comparison. But still very Cairnsian in their nature (striking, colorful, bizarre).

  5. Have applied for tickets to a preview of Scott Pilgrim for next week, we’ll see if I’m lucky. Enjoyed both Wright’s previous flicks hugely and loved his TV show Spaced, which I recommend for anybody looking for a filmic sitcom.

    These images certainly showcase one solution to the widescreen problem: break it up like Mondrian! The Mann shot is almost like a Magritte illusion.

  6. David Boxwell Says:

    Back to A DANDY IN ASPIC: I want a Laurence Harvey puffy quiffadour! Unruffled by even the most Mannesque sinister Cold War violence!

  7. It’s an ambitious hairstyle indeed! Joins the line of Mann quiffs stretching back to Rock Hudson’s “Indian” look in Winchester 73 (he must be of the Iroquiff Nation).

  8. Speaking of mirrors —

  9. david wingrove Says:

    Must obviously have another look at CAPRICE…I don’t remember anything quite as snazzy as this!

  10. There’s not MUCH as snazzy as that in it, but a few bits dazzle.

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