On a whim (I’m a whimsical fellow — it depends on my whim!) this week’s edition of The Forgotten tackles three contrasting approaches to Dr. Lemuel Gulliver, Jonathan Swift’s choleric explorer of the unknown. Set your eggs to little-side-up, and head over to the Daily Notebook for elucidation.

5 Responses to “Gulliveriana”

  1. Mr. B.I.G. gets small!

    That is one weird trailer — the narrator is about ten seconds behind the action throughout, and you can see the bottom of the rear projection screen in the street scene!

  2. Bubble baths, teen dance parties, being a Puppet Person doesn’t look like such a bad gig.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Kitty in a Matchbox :o)
    ..can’t believe I’ve never seen this after all this time..They’re so cyuuute!

  4. Yes, bathing in coffee-flavoured water, playing with an ant-sized kitten, what’s not to like? I want some microbe playmates of my own!

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