Unsung Hands

Over at The Unsung Joe, that celebration of the bit-part or background man, the walk-on, extra or one-line Johnny, there’s an appreciation of the hand-stand-in that’s well worth reading, and contains a nod to yours truly at the end. Well worth reading — but then, it always is!


9 Responses to “Unsung Hands”

  1. Jenny Eardley Says:

    It’s not always easy to get hand jobs. I hear.

  2. You’ve become very smutty lately!

    If you can’t get work, you have to go on hand relief.

  3. Jenny Eardley Says:

    Thank you! That was an enjoyable article, aside from a good manicure though I find it hard to judge a fine pair of hands – I just don’t seem to pick up on it. Dexterity is a different matter though, I’m clumsy and I think it comes from not thinking fast enough and getting distracted, so I’m always impressed by clever-handed people in films. I’m reminded of the quote from Strangers on a Train, “I admire people who do things”, that cracked me up on first hearing. I’d love to know which actors were really cack-handed, but that never seems to come out in the tell-all biographies. Always holding back the juicy stuff for the re-print!

  4. My late friend Lawrie doubled for David Niven’s hands in A Matter of Life and Death. “David had hands like a labourer,” he would say.

    I’ve heard that Donald Sutherland is “the clumsiest man in the world,” which endears him to me hugely.

  5. Heh!

    Been enjoying the latest series of Curb Your Enthusiasm while I’m here in NYC. Nice to see the Seinfeld cast reunited.

  6. Christopher Says:

    don’t forget to drop by the Soup Nazi’s..

  7. Not to mention —

  8. Thanks for the mention, David. Hope you’re enjoying NYC!

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