I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for giant gorillas this week, for I am in New York City.

Anthony Mann season! Sirk double-feature! Bookshops! Alas, no Kim’s video store anymore…

Image from SQUEAL OF DEATH, by Alex Winter and Tom Stern.


15 Responses to “Kongwatch”

  1. Funny cause I’ve been revisiting Mann myself recently…THE LAST FRONTIER and two of the Stewart Westerns I hadn’t seen before – BEND OF THE RIVER and THE FAR COUNTRY.

    One day maybe I’ll get to visit New York.

  2. There is stiill a smaller Kim’s on First Avenue and 8th.

  3. Ah well I’M THERE.

  4. Christopher Says:

    ..and you got just one day..

  5. At the Empire State Building:

    “Kong? I’m sorry, I can’t let you in. You’re on the terrorist watch list.”

  6. I visited the Empire State on my first visit. They were selling generic gorilla dolls but some copyright thing prevented them using Kong’s name. I think that’s all sorted out since the Peter Jackson movie.

    Off to see the Floradora girls tomorrow.

  7. These DMANED KIDS today!

  8. Tony Williams Says:

    “Why can’t they be like we were?
    Perfect in every way.
    Oh what’s the matter with kids TODAY?”

  9. Christopher Says:

    I bet you could find plenty of dames at Grant’s Tomb! :o)

  10. Sorry, Arthur, your comment got misfiled as spam by wordpress.

    I loved Last Frontier when I saw it, and the others are of course great. Looks like the only things I can see are Reign of Terror (in new print!) and Side Street (great NYC shots in that one) and maybe Roman Empire. Which isn’t a bad set.

  11. I’m sure you’ll dig REIGN OF TERROR – assuming you haven’t already seen it. It’s just as much a William Cameron Menzies film (as producer and designer) as it is a film by Mann and Alton.

  12. A triple threat! Yes, I’ve held off on seeing it until now since the copies available were always substandard. This one is a new 35mm print, which I’m told is no guarantee at Film Forum, but seems at least worth a try, and it IS the big(gish) screen, at least.

  13. If you do see it, I look forward to your take on it (hope you do). Even “substandard”, it’s visually striking. Been a while since I’ve seen it, and it still stands out in my mind.

  14. Or should I say my mind’s eye.

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